Thousands of Tea Partiers Gather In Washington DC For #AuditTheIRS Rally


Via @virginiamom980

Thousands of tea partiers have already gathered on the US Capitol West lawn for today’s Audit the IRS tea party. See Gateway Pundit or the Tea Party Patriots or The Dana Show for live streaming video.

Speakers Include:

Glenn Beck, Senator Mike Lee, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Jenny Beth Martin, Rep. Steve King, Rep. Dave Camp, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, Rep. John Fleming, Rep. Tom Graves, Rep. Tom Price, Rep. Mike Kelly, Rep. Matt Salmon, Tea Party Leaders, Dana Loesch, Steve Bannon, Sonnie Johnson, Jim Hoft, Niger Innis and Andrew Marcus

Hoft is now estimating the crowd to be close to 10,000.


Mike Flynn of Big Government reports that Capitol police are blocking tea partiers from attending the immigration rally on the other side of the capitol.

Capitol Hill police are trying to block activists attending Wednesday’s “Audit the IRS” rally from also attending a nearly day-long press conference on immigration, hosted by Reps. Steve King and Louie Gohmert. The IRS rally is on the west side of the Capitol, while the immigration event is on the east side. Organizers for the IRS event were told by Hill police that “your people” can only assemble on the west side. Organizers were told to remove the activists from the immigration event.

Capitol Hill police left a voicemail for Kevin Mooneyhan, Deputy Executive Director of Tea Party Patriots, saying that “your people” only are permitted to assemble for the event on the west side of the Capitol. The activists’ presence at the immigration event on the east side, supposedly violates the terms of the Tea Party’s permit. Mooneyhan was instructed to move any activists who planned on attending the Tea Party rally away from the immigration event.

Hot Air: Video: Did the IRS target a DHS whistleblower?

The Inspector General of the Treasury will be a very busy man indeed this year. According to CNN, the IG will launch an investigation to determine how a DHS whistleblower ended up on the IRS’ audit list after testifying before Congress. P. Jeffrey Black tried to fix problems in the federal air marshal service, but had IRS agents at his door the day he appeared in a documentary criticizing the Obama administration’s air security efforts:


Gateway Pundit: Massive Turnout At Audit The IRS Rally:

An estimated 7-10,000 people showed up today at the Audit The IRS Rally in Washington, D.C. It was a massive turnout.


5 thoughts on “Thousands of Tea Partiers Gather In Washington DC For #AuditTheIRS Rally

  1. OK, I’m assuming the “immigration rally” is pro-amnesty, and consequently a relatively high percentage of the attendees will be criminals.

    So, instead of enforcing immigration laws, the D.C. police are violating the Constitution they are sworn to uphold by preventing citizens of this country from a particular area of their own land bought with the blood of patriots?

    AND, they are violating their oath to uphold the law to begin with by not enforcing immigration laws.

    Yep. Down is up, black is white, and the government (and its unthinking, uncaring and oblivious drones) would never, ever do anything to harm the citizens is purports to represent.


  2. Then the same holds true: What right do the government goons have to keep legal American citizens from any part of the mall? And by what constitutional authority do they have the right to ignore thousands, millions of criminals who steal our jobs, our schools, our welfare, create mayhem on our roads and destroy our culture? And that doesn’t even start to touch the costs of incarceration and health care!

    Johnny Mac and Lindsay Grahamnesty, we love ya ’cause you add numbers to the Repub side of the aisle, but we’d love you more if you became meals for Sasquatch…


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  4. And I’ll bet they didn’t do a SEIU astroturf busing to get those folks there, either! Not that that makes any difference to someone like Nazi Pelousy, who wouldn’t understand jackass astroturfing if it was explained with charts and graphs. All people like her want is for the IRS to collect more of other peoples’ money for her to buy more votes and enrich her hubby (and, by extension, herself).


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