Video: Immigration Lawyer Argues With Kris Kobach About Protest At His Home: “They Knew You Weren’t There”

Sec of State, Kris Kobach, (R-KS) debated  pro-illegal immigration attorney, Francisco Hernandez on last night’s Hannity.

Kobach expressed his horror that a the pro-illegal immigration mob descended on his private property, in an attempt to intimidate him into changing his position on a policy issue. He noted  that his four young girls would have been “scarred for life” seeing an angry mob in their front yard yelling at their daddy through a bull horn. Hernandez countered that it wasn’t an attempt to intimidate Kobach because they already knew he wasn’t home.

But only a few people knew what Kris Kobach’s plans were that weekend, and it certainly wasn’t the pro amnesty crowd. Unless the NSA tipped them off, Kobach joked. Hernandez kept insisting throughout the interview, however, that the protesters somehow knew the Kobachs weren’t there. “Why were they shouting Kris Kobach  come on out if they knew I wasn’t there? Kobach asked.

“It’s a play, it’s an act!” simpered the attorney.

Hernandez also laughably tried to suggest that the pro-amnesty mob was a “church group”.

The protest was in fact spearheaded by National People’s Action, a George Soros-funded group of social justice operatives, transnationalists and La Raza militants based out of Chicago.

Michelle Malkin has the scoop on them:

NPA’s past shakedowns have involved busing in protesters and schoolchildren (using public school buses) to invade the private property of their victims and intimidate their families. They relish their brass knuckles with this anthem:

Who’s on your hit list NPA?

Who’s on your hit list for today?

Take no prisoner, take no names.

Kick ‘em in the (a–) when they play their games.

As I first reported in 2004, NPA is funded by the Tides Foundation, the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation, and the MacArthur, Ford and Rockefeller foundations. It’s also funded by your tax dollars. My research found that the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Education had all given tens of thousands of dollars in grants to NPA members for left-wing activism, identity politics and illegal alien benefits.

As Kobach said on his KCMO  radio talk show, Sunday, it was like Chicago thug politics had come to Kansas, or  something you’d see in a third-world dictatorship.


2 thoughts on “Video: Immigration Lawyer Argues With Kris Kobach About Protest At His Home: “They Knew You Weren’t There”

  1. Miserably and unfortunately, it IS something that was seen in a third world dictatorship – ours.

    Of all the groups listed as contributors to NPA and the Tides Foundation, I determined some time back not to do business with any of them or their founding families’ business interests, ever. That includes, BTW, not only not buying a Government Motors car but also never buying a Ford product. The only thing these people understand is their pocketbook, and when the stocks that support their fascist ways start to drop precipitously, they’ll sit up and take notice. Not one of them can afford to diss over half their potential customer base in the United States.


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