Re The Bill Cunningham and Tamara Holder “Cage Match” (Video)

So, this is getting a lot of attention on the interwebs, today:

Yeah, I hate to contradict all of the tweeps who watched that trainwreck live and thought it was a some kind of win for Cunningham, but it wasn’t. He came off as an obnoxious bully, and the Regime apologist, Tamera Holder – one of the most obnoxious libs allowed on Fox, came off as the sympathetic character. Cunningham started the name calling. He started the finger pointing. And when she had had enough and told him to shut up, he said, “know your role and shut your mouth,” which sounded perilously close to “know your place.”  Any points he wanted to make about the Atty General’s perjury were lost in the carnage.

Instead of making his case  in a calm, reasonable manner, he sucked all the oxygen out of his arguments by behaving like a 12 year old arguing with little sister. It was not good. I almost felt sorry for Tamera by the end, and I don’t like her at all.

In my book that’s a massive fail. Cunningham already had me on his side and he repulsed me, so how successful do you think he was in persuading anyone who hasn’t made up their minds?

He could have made the same arguments including his point about her being a “stooge” (which she is!) in a much classier way.

I really loathe these pissing matches Fox feels obligated to inflict on its audience in order to prove it’s “balanced.”  Ugh, and I hope Cunningham isn’t invited back anytime soon.


21 thoughts on “Re The Bill Cunningham and Tamara Holder “Cage Match” (Video)

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    I love the ranting and raving and wailing and gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands on all sides now. Politicians, in general are a bunch of dumb asses. Almost every last one of them should be fired. And the media needs to be thrown out with them. We really need to delete government computers, burn the law books and kick the dweebs out of office and start all over. Completely. From the beginning.


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  3. Cunningham was way out of line and he is known for going over board trying to emphasize his point. I have no use for Tamara she is a full fledge, george soros, card carrying dopey lib with a law degree. She did however come off way better and a victim after Cunningham got finish with his tirade.

    It should’ve never gotten personal and Sean should’ve jumped in and stopped it before he did.


  4. Guess I was only listening to what was being said, not how. And from that perspective it was Mr Cunningham 99 – that definitively lipsticked pig in the Juan William’s suit, zip!


  5. Gee, seems to me Billy’s got it right. She is a stooge! Call it what it is. She called him a troll and then threw down on Michelle Malkin who wasn’t even there. Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!!


  6. I don’t feel sorry for Tamara. Sarah Palin has had to deal with MUCH more outrageous bullying than this liberal leftist ObamaBorg Bot. Tamara came off as being ill informed, condescending towards Bill, and silly for trying to defend the defenseless LIAR – Eric Holder. I was glad to see Bill confront her dumb statements and not let her get away with her attempts at spinning the truth of the matter.

    Some Fox News anchors often let Juan Williams lie through his teeth and no one challenges him on his crazy ideology. Although Charles Krauthammer (and some members of The Five) have been successful at times in sweeping his ideological errors clean and have knocked his flawed arguments right out of the park!

    You know what they say about those who “can’t stand the heat.”


  7. …. You might want to reread my post ….

    And you may have come better than half armed here, had you comprehended mine.

    However, when that lipsticked pig pulled the “you’re not qualified to debate me ‘coz Ize de lawyer and you’re not,” BS with Mr Hannity, Mr Cuningham’s response, counter-response and counter-counter-response were precisely what was called for.

    Put one of mine in the Emergency room and you’re for the morgue.

    And I also really loathe these pissing matches begun by the lock-step brainless ideologues — Juan Powers; Tamara Williams; Kirsten Holder, Sally Wiehl, Lis Kohn et al — FoxNews says its obligated to inflict on its audience as proof of its “balance.” Shudddderrrr ……..


  8. I’m pretty sure I comprehended what you said because it was not complicated. You suggested that you’re the only guy who listened to Cunningham’s arguments, which I made clear I already agreed with.

    The problem was he came off really really bad in making those arguments.

    Tamera and Hannity do a sort of playful back and forth thing where gently mock each other. It’s insufferable, but you can see that they don’t really hate each other. Cunningham didn’t get the memo – he charged in like a half-assed RINO in a china shop, and wouldn’t stop pointing and attacking. There was no reason for all the hostility. Try to imagine how a how a low info voter would see that . He could have made all of the same points without making an a$$hole of himself. He didn’t help our side at all.


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  19. …. I really loathe these pissing matches Fox feels obligated to inflict on its audience in order to prove ….

    God alone knows what.

    Nothing reasonable nor rational, that’s for sure!

    And that @FoxNews allows its stable of fascists, among them: Williams, Byron De La Beckelwith, Camerota, Pol Pot Powers, O’Reilly, Colmes, Miller, Rivera, Wiehl, Kohn and the truly loathsome Holder — and tongue-chewin’ babblin’ idiot morons, including: Holder, Kohn, O’Reilly and Wiehl, again — and Perino and the host of the Sean-the-Simpleton Show — to feed from its advertising revenue, so revolts many of its viewers that we watch only on time delay and never hear the second syllable of a single commercial


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