Krauthammer: “Nobody Cares Or Worries About What Obama Says” (Video)

Nation after nation have thumbed their noses at Obama, refusing to hand over asylum seeker Edward Snowden as he makes his journey from Hong Kong to Russia – then possibly to Cuba and on to in Ecuador.

The US is “trying to bully Russia and other states” into turning over a legitimate asylum seeker, said Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, adding, “No self-respecting country would submit to … the bullying by the US in this matter.”

Assange said Snowden is en route to Ecuador, where he expects to apply for asylum, but he declined to offer any details of Snowden’s route, other than what was already known Monday morning – that Snowden on Sunday had flown from Hong Kong to Moscow, where he was said to have remained in the airport’s transit areas.

Snowden had been expected to take a Moscow-to-Havana flight Monday, but he was not on the plane when it departed, according to numerous reports.

On Special Report Monday evening, Juan Williams made the insipid point that it’s no surprise that these historically anti-American countries would not help us. Krauthammer agreed that  “the fact that people don’t like the United States is not new,” but argued, “what’s new is that these non-likers have no respect for the United States.”

“Nobody cares or worries about what Obama says,” he continued, “because it carries no weight.”

But at least they “like” him.

Video via NRO.

The good news for Obama, though, is he can still cling to the Nobel Peace Prize he got the minute he stepped into office. It may not have benefited Team America in any way, shape or form when the president traveled around  the world  bowing and scraping before world leaders as he did during his first year in office –  apologizing for our (not his) vast, many sins, but it sure did make him feel good about himself, and that’s all that really matters in ObamAmerica..

“The Empty Chair” may not have the respect of the world (Which, btw, the “reviled” GW had) but at least he still has that cool peace prize.


In this discussion on Fox News’ Political Insiders, this morning, Caddell and Company made the same point as Krauthammer.

2 thoughts on “Krauthammer: “Nobody Cares Or Worries About What Obama Says” (Video)

  1. For someone who claimed that the previous eight years were the most dangerous and the least respected for the U.S., one only needs to refer to the book by Edward Klein . . . .The Amateur. It’s all you’ll ever need to know. This guy is a chump, a typical neighborhood agitator, all bluster, no brains along with his commie advisers who have his ear.

    These are very dangerous times.


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