Video: Jeanine Pirro Torches The IRS: ‘You’re A Bunch Of Bullies!’

Judge Jeanine Pirro began her show, Saturday night by weighing in on the second IRS official to plead the 5th before the House Oversight Committee hearing. Pirro noted how convenient for members of this left wing administration, which has shown itself to have little respect for the Constitution, to suddenly become super- patriotic Constitutionalists – wrapping themselves in the American flag -when they need to invoke their 5th amendment right to remain silent.

She called it part of the Obama administration’s playbook: “First deny, then lie, then commit perjury, and if you can’t beat the clock, and if they’re still coming after you, plead the Fifth.”

So true. And, sadly,  they keep getting away with it. As Pirro noted, “Their abuses keep plaguing the American people.”

She went on to blast the outrageous bonuses the IRS gave out to their biggest miscreants, and even mentioned $46 million they sent to one  address in Atlanta, (another outrage that is simmering beneath the surface.) “Forget Star Trek”, the Judge quipped, “their parody should have been Dumb and Dumber.” Addressing the president, she asked, “were you so shocked that these bunch of idiots you have working for you didn’t burn the building down, that now you think you should give out bonuses?”

She then moved on to the credit card scandal, and exclaimed, “why do these people even have credit cards!” I know, right?

She said, until the IRS comes clean – (people are held accountable, and people start losing their jobs)  our tax dollars should go into an escrow account. They shouldn’t be able to see it, or spend another penny of our money on themselves – let alone get millions in bonuses, and target the rest of us. “You’re a bunch of bullies!” Pirro declared. “They say in our society we have zero tolerance for bullies. I’m not so sure that’s the case, here.”

Via RightSightings

4 thoughts on “Video: Jeanine Pirro Torches The IRS: ‘You’re A Bunch Of Bullies!’

  1. With the Abc/Nbc/Abc/AP/etc. ban on reporting anything (see Newsbusters) it will take three times the effort of a few that even minor coverage would take care of itself through the outrage or many.


  2. I usually love Judge Jeanine but her episodes and remarks on both her show and The View re the Zimmermann case were completely biased IN FAVOR of Trayvon’s witness and AGAINST GZ, even allowing one of her guests to refer to GZ as a “murderer” and repeatedly calling the case a murder case on the View. Her and her guests’ defense of Trayvons GF was beyond the pale, no pun intended! (since it’s all about race, thanks to Obama…)

    see episode “role of race”…


  3. I worked for the IRS for three years. I was one of their best employees, according to management, but the executive team started bullying me out last May. There were no substantiated reasons; in fact, they actually accused me of going AWOL because I hadn’t submitted certain paperwork (I did). When I pointed this out to them, they just found something else to criticize. The executive team also accused me of not performing work for months on end. However, I had proof I had performed. The executive team didn’t bother to look at the proof. They ridiculed me instead. They left office doors open when they bullied me and served me with papers, so everyone knew what was happening to me. It was the most humiliating experience of my life.

    I had won three major awards and had received mostly all fives on my appraisals, but they simply overlooked this. They called me to executive meetings where I had no representation. It was three against one (me). All they did was yell at me and hurl baseless accusations at me. Talk about a hostile working environment.
    My coworkers, with whom I had an outstanding reputation, were shocked and dismayed by the way I was treated.

    The union was no help; in fact they worked against me.

    I was finally forced out of a job I loved.

    Power corrupts…Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I used to get along well with members of the executive team, but it seemed that, last May, things changed drastically, and not for the better.

    It’s tempting to go to the press with my experiences, but I don’t want to tangle with IRS management ever again.


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