Regime’s War On Christianity Continues: Airman Punished for Objecting to Gay Marriage in Military Chapel

The Regime is pushing conservative Christians out of the military service to be replaced by souless, amoral drones who will embrace Dear Leader’s changes and follow orders, no questions asked.

Via Todd Starnes of Fox News:

A 27-year veteran of the Utah Air National Guard said he was reprimanded after he wrote an email objecting to a gay wedding in the West Point chapel and was later told to prepare for retirement because his personal beliefs about homosexuality were not compatible with the military’s policies.

“The military is trying to make examples of people who have religious beliefs that homosexual conduct in the military is wrong,” said John Wells, an attorney representing TSgt. Layne Wilson. “The end game is to force conservative Christians out of the military.”

Last December Wilson wrote a letter to a person believed to be a chaplain at West Point. He stated his displeasure at news of a same-sex ceremony held in the Cadet Chapel.

“This is wrong on so many levels,” Wilson wrote. “If they wanted to get married in a hotel that is one thing. Our base chapels are a place of worship and this is a mockery to God and our military core values. I have proudly served 27 years and this is a slap in the face to us who have put our lives on the line for this country. I hope sir that you will take appropriate action so this does not happen again.”

Instead of responding to the private email, the Commandant of Cadets notified the Utah Air National Guard – leading to an accusation that he had brought disgrace and discredit upon the Air National Guard and his conduct was inconsistent with the United States Air Force.

The Air National Guard determined that Wilson’s email “failed to render the proper respect to a commissioned officer.”

“You are hereby reprimanded,” read a letter from Lt. Col. Kevin Tobias. “As a noncommissioned officer you are expected to maintain a standard of professional and personal behavior that is above reproach. You have failed!”

A public affairs officer with the Utah Air National Guard told Fox News they could not comment on Layne’s case because of possible litigation.

Ironically, Wells pointed out, the Defense of Marriage Act was still the law of the land and TSgt. Layne was simply reporting “what he believed was a violation of the law.”

In addition to his reprimand, the Air National Guard terminated a six-year reenlistment contract. Instead, they gave Layne a one-year extension.

“Due to the fact that I expressed my views on homosexuality in uniform; Lt. Col. Tobias stated that I was no longer compatible with further military service,” Wilson wrote in a letter detailing the discrimination allegations.

Tobias confirmed Wilson’s allegation in a memorandum dated June 19, 2013 and obtained by Fox News.

“We talked about his feelings about DADT and how he doesn’t agree with it,” Tobias wrote. “I then told him that maybe this is a good time for him to move on because we’ve been ordered to not have an opinion about gays in the military and we need to treat them as we would treat anyone else in the service of our country.”

“I also reiterated that I respect his feelings but I’m not comfortable reenlisting him with his strong feelings about this matter,” he additionally wrote.

Col. Ronald Blunck concurred with Tobias – noting that “Your right to practice your religious beliefs does not excuse you from complying with directives, instructions and lawful orders.”

“Lt. Col. Tobias is correct in demanding that TSgt. Wilson refrain from expressing opinions contrary to Air Force guidance while in uniform,” Blunck wrote. “The Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was directed by law.”

Wilson also discussed concerns he had about a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” repeal briefing in 2011. He told his superior officers he found the briefing to be “very disturbing” and “conflicting with my moral rights of conscience.”

“My issue is not so much about homosexuals serving in the military, but rather that it is being forced upon as an acceptable lifestyle abandoning our traditional values,” he wrote.

He said the military has created an atmosphere where those who do not approve of homosexual conduct “must remain disapprovingly silent or face reprisal to our careers.”

“It is evident those who refuse to affirm homosexuality and openly oppose it are being severely punished,” he wrote.

Did you ever think you would live to see cultural Marxism infect our military to such a degree?



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5 thoughts on “Regime’s War On Christianity Continues: Airman Punished for Objecting to Gay Marriage in Military Chapel

  1. “Did you ever think you would live to see cultural Marxism infect our military to such a degree?”

    I think what we are seeing has been traditionally thought of as a slippery slope. And yes. The slope is steep – it will not take long to reach the bottom.


  2. This is a very strange situation, with TSGT Layne and it certainly isn’t the first to arise since the announcement of this policy. The Chapel at West Point and Chapels used across most if not all Military Bases are multi denominational. They are used for more than one religion. The Archdiocese of New York has the supervision of the West Point Chapel regarding Catholic services and operations and is run by assigned Chaplains or assigned local Parish Priest. The Cardinal has already announced that the Catholic Church will not conduct such services at the Chapel. Currently most Religions do not support gay marriage and have established doctrine that prohibit it. Any Minister or Priest would be required to follow the doctrine of their respective Churches which now conflict with this military policy change.

    General Boykin had tried to enter West Point when this policy was announced and was prohibited from doing so. A retired threes star General who is a outspoken critic of this administration and it’s policies. All federal employees and the Military are prohibited from actively participating in political activity by Law, Regulations and Policy. Layne’s situation however falls into a very unusual dilemma. As a National Guardsman, who serves part time I am going to assume that he wrote his letter or email on his own time. As a civilian, not on National Guardsman or while on Active Duty. Unless I am missing something and unless he is a Federal Employee Mr Layne as a civilian, was expressing his Constitutional Rights of Free Speech and the ability to redress his government. He [as far as I can tell] didn’t express these opinions while on any kind of Military status. So why was a personnel action [the reprimand] issued against him for expressing his Constitutional Rights?

    There should be no doubt that he was targeted and was made a example of, for anyone who dares oppose this administration or the policy. Who is next? Are Priest, Rabbi’s, Ministers or any other Chaplains going to be next? Are they to be driven out of the military also? Their Church doctrine prohibits them from supporting gay marriage, which now conflicts with military’s policy.

    For the last several years we have been on a very dangerous downward slide with our Military. I have expressed my concerns numerous times about it, both here and elsewhere. The Senior Leadership has been targeted and forced into retirement. We have undergone “major” dangerous changes in the policy of the military that is having a serious affect on the morale of the rank and file. It is also influencing the retention of the services. I served more than 24 years in the military, when I gather with old friends to reflect on the past good and hard times, we cannot believe the state of today’s forces and the restraints they are required to operate under. These major policy changes are not good for the Military or the Nation, in fact it’s flat out dangerous. It will have a direct influence on the readiness of our forces and endanger our national security.


  3. Thanks for weighing in, Geo. It’s a very worrisome situation, to be sure.

    It seems like the main focus in their efforts to radicalize the military has been the Army… Is that what you’re hearing? Most of the abuse is happening in the Army?


  4. ND, It would appear that the Army [being the largest force] is the hot target for these radicals but to minimize the testosterone levels they have taken some serious shots at the Marine Crops, also. The Navy and Air Force [the testosterone free guys. . . . . just kidding. Some inter service humor there.] has been pretty much integrated with many of these policies for years now, mostly because of not having a “direct front line” combat role as the Marines and Army have had. Those lines over the years have become more and more blurred even in those services but not to the extent that the Navy and Air Force has [IMHO, of course]. The inclusion of females onto Naval Ships has caused a pregnancy explosion that the libs have chosen to conveniently ignore and refused to address. At some point in time they [the females] need to be removed from the ships and either replaced or continue to operate with the shortages.

    For the most part “don’t ask, don’t tell”, worked extremely well. Much to my surprise. We have gone from that to openly serving gays, to now the integration of women in combat and coming soon is the “big expansion” of the number of Special Forces Troops. As those roles and numbers increase, the quality of Special Forces will diminish greatly. Of that there is no doubt, I’ve seen it time and time again with other merges. Special Ops will now also become available to females in fairly short order. That will require a reduction in standards of course, I don’t care what Generals are marched out who declare otherwise. Toss in the unbelievable number of deployments for Troops, the ROE they were required to operate under, the number of maimed that now require support at home. The Military and the DOD are now sponsoring and making proclamations for “gay pride events” in and around installations. The number of Generals forced into retirement is huge and very damaging.

    I and my associates have been concerned for some time now, our concerns grow more and more with each and every change made to the past policies. The past cuts to Defense under Bush 41 were bad, they were compounded by Bubba in the years that followed and made worse. . . . .these changes are more than anyone that I’m associated with can believe. They are dangerous, reckless, are intended to inflict damage to the Military and our Country. There is no other explanation for these radical, extreme changes.

    God help us all.

    [I hope that answers your question, if not I’ll try to clarify for you.]


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