Video: A Downcast Weiner Apologizes: ‘This Is Entirely Behind Me’

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this. What is there to say about WeinerGate II?

Weiner says all of the bad stuff is “behind him” now, which I think he said, the last time. In two more years, next year’s creepy perversions will be behind him, too.

And he was late for the press conference which made everyone on Twitter sad, because it reminded them of the most epic political press conference in American history.

Anyway, here you go – it’s pathetic and cowardly that he dragged Huma up there to take the heat and humiliation with him….He’s staying in mayoral race and  Huma, (like her old boss) is standing by her man.


Ace of Spades HQ: Flashback: That Soft-Soap People Magazine “Comeback Story” Now Revealed as an Enormous Pile of Political Lies

Update: The sexting, which went on for six months (and that’s just the one weknow about!), began one week before Mr. & Mrs. Danger’s big “Redemption” interview for People.
More: Oh boy, two more women coming forward, Emily Miller says she hears;and also, he liked to use porn actors’ names as aliases.


2 thoughts on “Video: A Downcast Weiner Apologizes: ‘This Is Entirely Behind Me’

  1. The first thing I said to my wife when I heard that weingerboy was holding another news conference about more pictures was: “we all could use Andrew to pop in and take control of this press conference again”. Talk about walking into a room and taking control? That will forever have a life in the “all time classic greatest hits”.

    It seemed obvious during that presser, that Huma learned at the heels of Hillary. I was waiting for her to announce that she was on her way back home to bake some cookies. She apparently has learned a few things though. It doesn’t appear that she, like Hillary is going to allow any “out of control weiner, stand between her and her man.

    In the meantime several miles north in Chappaqua, Bubba is sitting at home, puffing on a cigar, thinking . . . . “who the hell does he think he is. . . .me?”


  2. It’s a pretty sickening situation. Huma really should have stayed home, and not embarrassed herself so. I almost have more disdain for her than her creepy perv husband. Even most drones aren’t brain dead enough to buy her phony baloney plastic banana ‘hurt wife’ act.
    Who do they think they’re kidding?


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