Phony Scandal: Benghazi Hero Who Fought Alongside Seals Had To Wait On Roof With Shredded Leg For 20 Hours For Help

On July 24, Fox News outed  David Ubben, the Diplomatic Security Agent  who has been recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Facility from wounds sustained during the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

AWR Hawkins reported at Big Peace:

Ubben’s name was mentioned frequently in the weeks right after Benghazi but then faded from the news as he and other Benghazi survivors were literally wiped from the records by the Obama administration. In December 2012, Breitbart News reported that Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) claimed “the State Department has seen it unfit for me to know who those people are—or even how many there are” when he attempted to meet with the survivors of the Benghazi attack.

Today on Fox, it was revealed that after being struck by the same mortar round that killed Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, Ubben was forced to wait twenty hours before a plane was sent to pick him up. He had suffered grievous wounds to his leg and is still in fact, recovering from his wounds at Walter Reed, more than ten months later.

Jim Hoft put it bluntly – “while Ubben was waiting for help with a shredded leg Barack Obama was campaigning in Las Vegas.”

Why in the world was help not sent, sooner? And who gave the order to stand down?

5 thoughts on “Phony Scandal: Benghazi Hero Who Fought Alongside Seals Had To Wait On Roof With Shredded Leg For 20 Hours For Help

  1. “What difference, at this point does it make?” hrc

    A total absolute disgrace, leaving Americans abandoned while under attack. It’s also becoming more and more obvious that the repubics either: have no intentions of doing anything about it or are incapable of doing anything about it. obozo is gallivanting around the Country daring the republics to do something about anything. Calling them all out saying that it’s all just phony republic scandals. They are being out maneuvered in every move they make.

    Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, they’re pathetic. I hope their cable never goes out, because if it does and they aren’t able to get Fox News, they’ll never find out anything.


  2. What kind of data do you think the regime has mined from the records of republicans in congress?
    That’s always in the back of my mind.
    It can not be that they’re this weak and stupid.


  3. You guess is as good as mine, Deb. The only members on either Issa or Wolfe’s committee that I trust, or believe are competent I can count on one hand [with fingers left over]. The regime always seems to be beating them to the punch, no matter what the repubics manage to uncover. They get a five minute headline out of it [except for Fox and right wing sites] and it all goes away, now potus is running around the Country taunting them over it. While the repubic’s are destroying their own base and ultimately the Country. I’ve never seen anything like it, have you?

    As many legitimate scandals [IED”S] that surround this administration, the repubics cannot get anything to stick. potus walks around like he is totally detached from any of it and isn’t responsible for it. It has to be total incompetence or the regime is reading their play book and blackmailing them on “something”. Of course, the other major factor that I’ve maintained all along is, the repubic leadership is hellbent to “never” impeach the first black President and are willing to ignore everything and anything.

    It’s indisputable that the regime has had officials [Cabinet Members and Secretary’s} testify before Congress and they have “perjured” themselves. There is no “what the meaning of is. . .”. They were out and out lying when testifying. What has the repubics done about it? Nothing, zero, nada, zilch. No “Contempt of Congress” or “Perjury” charges. Disgraceful.


  4. He (Ubben) was there for twenty hours because he never contributed to The Anointed One’s campaigns. Ever.

    Why would the Commander-in-Chief send help to someone who never sent him money?


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