Video: Jack Lew’s Puzzling Lack of Curiosity About IRS Wrongdoing

If we had a real adversarial media with functioning BS detectors, instead of a compliant palace guard,  this Chris Wallace grilling of Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew  would have them redoubling their efforts to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal. Even those with minimal powers of deduction can see this this is a man in extreme cover-up mode.

As Wallace aptly pointed out, Obama appointed Lew on May 15 to look into the IG audit, yet Lew behaves as if he’s just a passive observer with no duty to investigate.

Asked over and over if he’s even asked about some of the things he denies, he simply says “There is no evidence” to indicate that, say, Wilkins was involved, but also refuses to even ask the man.

Lew asks us to believe that it isn’t “appropriate” for him simply to ask the IRS’s chief counsel (and Obama political appointee) William Wilkins what he knows about the targeting scandal even though he was “directed” by Obama back in May to investigate the scandal.  Only someone in cover-up mode would use the “no evidence”  excuse rather than actually answer the question because the answer is “no”, he hasn’t talked to Wilkins. Why hasn’t he talked to Wilkins? Maybe he already knows the answer to the questions and finds them to inconvenient for public consumption.


Okay, just kidding there. That was Martin Short’s “Nathan Thurm” channeling Jack Lew almost 30 years ago.

Here’s the real interview. The IRS portion begins at about 11:00 in:

Also suspicious is the fact that Lew tried to push the discredited narrative that progressive groups received the same scrutiny, when IRS IG  Russel George has attested otherwise.

Why would the Treasury Sec be pushing a false narrative unless he’s in cover up and obfuscate mode?

It seems – based on his answers – that neither he or anyone in his Dept investigated squat. The lack of curiosity is stunning.

As with all the other scandals – they’re simply going to stonewall and run out the clock. And our pathetic media watch lap dogs will let them do it.


4 thoughts on “Video: Jack Lew’s Puzzling Lack of Curiosity About IRS Wrongdoing

  1. F/F: [fast forward]

    Treasury Secretary’s Next Appearance on Fox News Sunday

    Chris Wallace: Mr Secretary regarding those investigations that the President put you in charge of, can you give us a update status of them, you know the ones you avoided answering the last time you appeared here?

    Secretary Lew: [clearing his throat] I’m still working on improving my Signature, Chris I thought you’d like to know. Chris that is old news and we have moved on from it. There/there was nothing to see there. Besides, at this point, what difference does it make we are now busy handing thing over to President Hillary.

    Reported in the msm media [cohorts as]:
    This is what is known as “Leaning Forward”. [while the repubics stand on the sideline with oatmeal dripping down their chin asking what the hell just happened]


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