Schoen: Obama’s Greatest Asset – The Stupid Party (Video)

Political Insiders Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier talk politics on  Fox News Sunday afternoons. Most Sundays the Insiders bash the “stupid party” aka the GOP for being AWOL on so many pressing issues that Republicans could win if they bothered to fight. This week, the panel seemed to conclude that the out of power Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats and with the media are working against the best interests of the people.

They started off the show with Obama’s weekly address where he cynically cited the “phony scandal” line again as boob bait for his bootlickers. Disgusting, but not surprising.

We have an economy with tepid economic growth, the labor market is low, the scandals are very serious as is the dysfunction in DC, Shoen said.   “The only asset the president has is Republican disarray”, he concluded.

After listening to a clip of Jay Carney bloviating about the “failed” phony scandals, Pat Caddell dubbed the Press Secretary as “the most disingenuous person to ever stand at that podium.” I second that emotion. He must check his conscience and his soul at the door when he walks in to work, each morning.

“We face a crisis in this American Democracy in proportions never before seen in terms of these widespread scandals of government abuse,” Caddell lamented. “The real problem is that for the first time in American history, we have the party in power, the party out of power, and the news media all who either are co conspirators, accessories, accomplices or AWOL in all of this…. and therefore no one in this country is telling anybody the danger of what’s happening.”  He said that to Washington, the enemy is you – the American people.

LeBoutillier noted that it’s the party out of power that is  supposed to check and balance the party that’s in the White House, and the Republicans have dropped the ball. He continued to say that the Republicans ” are really complicit in covering up Benghazi because Boehner refuses to name a select committee even though a majority of Republicans in the House want one.

Caddell suggested later on in the clip that the reason Boehner is supposedly suppressing the investigation is because he knew what we found out, this week – “that there were these CIA teams on the ground which were sending weapons to Syria through Turkey to Syrian rebels without congressional approval….”

Last January, following Hillary Clinton’s testimony on Benghazi before the Senate, the Speaker was a guest on the Laura Ingraham’s radio program. The subject of  weapons transfer came up and he didn’t try to hide the fact that he had heard about it. What’s not clear is whether he had heard about it before or after the Benghazi attack.

Ingraham: Mr. Speaker, Rand Paul asked a question about funneling perhaps arms from Turkey through that CIA Annex to be shipped ultimately to Syrian rebels. Hillary Clinton – there was about four or five beats before she answered the question. Do you know anything about this and have you been briefed on any possibilities…?

Boehner: I’m somewhat familiar with the chatter about this and the fact that these arms were moving toward Turkey but most of what I know about this came from a classified source and really can’t elaborate on it.

Caddell suggested that another reason Boehner won’t do it is because he used it as leverage for the  ObamaCare fix for Congress and staffers. That’s a theory I’ve heard Mark Levin peddle, as well.

There are other reasons, however that don’t put the Boehner in such a harsh light.

Opponents of the resolution have argued that a select committee could be too costly and would essentially restart the investigation. The current process with several committees investigating the attacks is working, they say.

“The Speaker has faith in the ability of the chairmen and members of the House Committees to get to the bottom of what happened,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel told TheDC. “He thought the Oversight Committee Members did a great job at the Benghazi hearing last week.”

But those in support of the resolution argue that a select committee is needed because no one committee is focusing exclusively on Benghazi. The current method of investigating the attacks is “scattershot.”

What is it that makes the Select Committee so special?
70% of the House Republicans want to do it, but “names like Jason Chaffetz (UT), Patrick McHenry (NC), James Lankford (OK), Darrell Issa (CA), and other bulldog conservatives in the Benghazi investigation are on the list of congressmen who have not endorsed HR-36.” And those are some of our strongest guys on Benghazi.
One has to look at Wolf’s proposal to understand why.

Remember what the makeup of a Select Committee would be under HR-36:

…in December 2012, I introduced a bill to create a House Select Committee on the Terrorist Attack in Benghazi, which would have full subpoena power to fully investigate what happened in Benghazi and the Obama Administration’s response. The committee would be comprised of the chairmen and ranking members of the committees on Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Armed Services, Judiciary, Homeland Security and Government Reform and Oversight, with other members appointed by House leaders based on expertise.

What this means is that the only two members from the House Oversight Committee who would be guaranteed positions on the Select Committee would be Issa and Ranking Member / liar / registered socialist Elijah Cummings (D-MD). Chaffetz and McHenry sit on that committee and would be odd men out if they didn’t make the cut. Issa – and other chairmen – may not be signing on to the amendment because they want their best members involved. There is definitely something to be said for this.

For example, Chaffetz has been extremely close to the Benghazi investigation. He went to Tripoli in the weeks after the attack. He has been among the best of the best in demanding answers. There would be something wrong if he wasn’t on the committee while someone like registered socialist John Conyers was on it (as the ranking member of the House Judiciary, Conyers would be on the Select Committee).

We would suggest that Wolf might get more congressmen to jump on board if chairmen of committees that would be included had greater latitude in determining which of their members would be allowed to serve on the committee as well. Consider that, under Wolf’s Resolution, there are only seven positions on the Select Committee who are not already predetermined based on Chairman / Ranking member status, five of whom could be Republicans and two would likely be Pelosi’s Democrats of choice.

I don’t usually disagree with Pat F-ing Caddell, but that’s what I really think is going on here…..

While it’s true that any Select Committee that’s formed may exclude the best conservative firebrands, it will also do what these firebrands have not been able to do to this point – put the scandal on the national media stage. A Select Committee would almost necessarily cause mainstream media coverage, which has been so egregiously lacking, despite extremely compelling hearings in the House committees.

It is for these reasons that we believe a House Select Committee – despite its downsides – is the best course of action. As such, we encourage you to contact the congressmen below and urge them to support Wolf’s resolution. (List here.)

The insiders went on to discuss the “creeping authoritarianism” of the Regime with the unconstitutional ObamaCare delays and waivers and Obama’s promise to “get things done” with or without Congress. “He is basically eviscerating the traditional checks and balances that has been the hallmark of our system,” Schoen said. “The president is basically making law as he goes along. It’s outrageous behavior, and the only thing that is working to his advantage is the Republicans opposition is in such disarray – they’re having a Republican civil war over the budget –  they can’t get together, they’re fighting one another over immigration, the budget, foreign policy – the bottom line  – that’s the president’s only ally.  This is an administration that is increasingly making its own law, ruling on its own basis, and acting against the American people, ” he said.

As far as the latest info that has come out about the IRS scandal – Caddell said he could guarantee,  “this stuff goes directly into the White House and members of the White House staff.”

They get no disagreement from me on the fecklessness of the Republicans. I’ve been hammering them for years now for allowing Obama to thwart the constitution the way he has.

Love that show. (Why yes, I’m a political junkie, thanks for asking.)


WSJ, Daniel Henninger:  Obama’s Creeping Authoritarianism:

In a recent Journal op-ed, “Obama Suspends the Law,” former federal judge Michael McConnell noted there are few means to stop a president who decides he is not obligated to execute laws as passed by Congress. So there’s little reason to doubt we’ll see more Obamaesque dismissals of established law, as with ObamaCare’s employer mandate. Mr. Obama is pushing in a direction that has the potential for a political crisis.

A principled opposition would speak out. Barack Obama is right that he isn’t running again. But the Democratic Party is. Their Republican opponents should force the party’s incumbents to defend the president’s creeping authoritarianism.

If Democratic Senate incumbents or candidates from Louisiana, Alaska, Missouri, Arkansas, North Carolina, Montana and Iowa think voters should accede to a new American system in which a president forces laws into place as his prerogative rather than first passing them through Congress, they should be made to say so.

And to be sure, the other purpose of the shafted middle-class tour is to demolish the GOP’s standing with independent voters and take back the House in 2014. If that happens—and absent a more public, aggressive Republican voice it may—an unchecked, unbalanced presidential system will finally arrive.

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4 thoughts on “Schoen: Obama’s Greatest Asset – The Stupid Party (Video)

  1. Well, we see it now. There is no such place as Benghazi. It’s all a conspiracy theory cooked up by Tea Party operatives to embarrass the administration, which is fighting day and night to bring prosperity and liberty to the middle class.

    Jay Carney is the reincarnation of Baghdad Bob.


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