CNN’s Erin Burnett Skewers Regime For Scandal Deflections (Video)

Via Twitchy;

CNN’s Erin Burnett seems to be enjoying her newfound freedom to criticize the Obama administration, and on Monday night called out Jay Carney for his well-documented record of evasions and distractions — just two months after Yahoo News compiled its own list. What’s the name of her show again? “Out Front”?

Ace would love the Carney “I’d refer you to” mash-up.

CNN will be airing  “The truth about : An ErinBurnett Special Investigation” on @CNN Tuesday, August 6th at 10pE

Watch with an open mind but remember that this is an Obama friendly news organization.


Fox News’ “The Five” piled on….

Via Townhall: Obama/Biden Montage: We “Decimated” Al Qaeda:


Here’s what Carney said at Monday’s press briefing – note how he quickly fires back, “that’s just not true” when a reporter calls the Regime out for not clearly stating that it was “al Qaeda core” but not necessarily al qaeda affiliates that were “on the run” and “decimated.”

John Hayward noted how Al-Qaeda is a many-splendored thing  at the Conversation

I see that presidential spokesman Jay Carney did his bit to clear things up, by explaining that there are all sorts of different al-Qaedas, revolving around a “core” al-Qaeda, and it’s very silly to get them all mixed up.  Rest assured that some al-Qaedas are probably on the run, and some of them are probably feeling gosh-darn “decimated” right about now, so what Obama said during the campaign was basically true, from a certain point of view.

But then you’ve got some other al-Qaedas who can drive the entire frigging US diplomatic corps into hiding for a week by exchanging feisty emails.

It’s complicated! Thank God we have Jay Carney to explain it to us.



4 thoughts on “CNN’s Erin Burnett Skewers Regime For Scandal Deflections (Video)

  1. Call me crazy, but I have my suspicions about this all of a sudden u-turn of CNN. We’ll have to see what they produce regarding Benghazi. It is going to take more than a Jake Tapper on the staff to turn this ship around and get it headed in the right direction.

    My best guess as to what is going on is: the distancing and cleansing of Hillary with the administration and it’s policies in preparation for her ’16 run. The is after all the “Clinton News Network”, it hasn’t changed at all in my opinion from when they were bailing water for Bubba in the 90’s.

    Let’s see if they produce any Hillary “stained pants suits”…..we shall see!


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