Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment – Missouri Represents


Today, patriots from across the nation are protesting not only this corrupt president, but the broken system that  allows him to trample on the Constitution unimpeded.

Overpasses for Obama’s impeachment mission statement:

Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment has a simple goal.. The removal of the corrupt and criminal President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama.

His actions go unimpeded, our pleas through petitions unanswered. Our calls and letters to Congress are left ignored and unopened.

Our only peaceful recourse is to take to the streets and overpasses of America and DEMAND that our nation be returned to We the People, and that Barack Hussein Obama be Impeached, removed from office, and held accountable for his actions while serving as President.

America is in its greatest time of peril in since the Founding Fathers bravely fought in the Revolutionary War. Lady Liberty is calling YOU to stand up, to speak out, to take to the streets and DEMAND that the corrupt tyrant be removed from the White House, and all of those who colluded with him in his crimes against the United States be held accountable to the full extent of the law, with the maximum sentences handed down upon them.

When you grow old, would you rather tell your grandchildren that you stood up for Freedom, or would you rather tell them you did nothing as America fell to the iron fisted grip of tyranny?

Lots of honks and thumbs ups  from cars and trucks greeted this group of conservatives at the I-70 overpass at Lees Summit Rd in South Kansas City as the drove by.

overpasses kc2

In St. Joe an overpass activist said, “they were loving it up here. And god bless those truck drivers and their air horns, especially when the news station is trying to interview you. Lol.”

Overpasses, Bridgeton, Missouri (outside St. Louis):

overpasses Bridgeton

Overpasses, Cuba, Missouri:

overpasses cuba

Overpasses St. Charles:

overpasses st charles

Overpasses Springfield:

An overpass activist wrote on FB, “Poured down rain in here in Springfield but we pressed on and got our point across. Loved it. This evening will be even better I hope. Had a few news crews show up and take pictures and do interviews. Springfield’s finest even came by with Greene county sheriffs office and said we were doing a great job just don’t impede traffic. I say we succeeded and will again in a few hours. Hopefully no rain.”

overpasses springfield

overpasses truck

overpasses st charles3

Many of these groups will be returning this afternoon for the afternoon/evening rush hour. Be sure to give them a supportive honk or a thumbs up if you pass by one – but try to keep your eyes on the road!

overpasses for Obama's Impeachement


WH Dossier: Hundreds of Anti-Obama Protests Planned for Today


Overpasses to Impeach Obama evening commute in the South KC location:


St.  Louis:


overpasses 1

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