Video: Ann Coulter Explains Why Defunding ObamaCare Wouldn’t hurt Republicans

I’ve been wavering back and forth on the Defunding ObamaCare issue because I could see the valid points on the establishment’s side. I continue to believe, (as does Coulter) that the majority of our Republicans share most of the same goals – they just disagree on tactics.

Coulter’s reasoning, here, that the government shut down  would not hurt Republicans like it did in the -90’s helped push me over to the Defund side.

Although a government shutdown hurt the GOP when led by then-Speaker Newt Ginhrich in the 90s, she found three differences on this go-round.

“This time we have Ted Cruz and Mike Lee leading the fight; last time it was Newt Gingrich. That ended up not being as helpful as it turned out,” she said.

“Point two, every time Republicans have either threatened to shut down the government, or shut down the government, it’s been over the budget generally” and no one cares. “Obamacare is different,” she said, remarking that even the Teamsters are against it and may end up campaigning with Cruz to defeat it.

Her third point was that “It’s very, very important to get Democrats on the record, in another vote, right now” on Obamacare for the 2014 election, noting that it was originally “passed in a sleazy way with 100 percent Democrat votes” and none from the GOP.

“Get them on the record,” she insisted, after noting that a lot of Democrats were up for re-election.

Today it was reported that 63% Want Congress to Keep Going After ObamaCare suggesting that even with the media against them, Republicans still have the wind at their backs on this issue.

The best argument Democrats have going for them in the ObamaCare debate – or any debate about Obama?


Harry Reid: Republicans Only Oppose ObamaCare Because Obama Is Black

That is just weak – even for the Dingy one.

10 thoughts on “Video: Ann Coulter Explains Why Defunding ObamaCare Wouldn’t hurt Republicans

  1. I hope the Republicans do defund Obamacare. We must not let this program ruin our country. It epitomizes the Progressives’ desire to have the government control every aspect of our lives.


  2. Why does anyone listen to Coulter any more? She was wrong about Christie. She was wrong about Rubio. She dislikes Newt so much she has to distort history.

    From the article:
    While the shutdown produced some short-term pain, it set the stage for a budget deal in 1996 that led to the largest drop in federal discretionary spending since 1969. The discipline imposed by this budget – overall spending grew at an average of 2.9 percent a year while I was speaker of the House, the slowest rate in decades – allowed us to reach a balanced-budget deal in 1997.


  3. I usually always agree with Saint Ann. Until she left the reservation [the ’12 election] and jumped on the Governor Crisco and Romney lard bandwagon. At least she has regained some of her sanity since then [I think]. I do agree that obozoKare needs to be defunded before it goes into effect. The closer we get to the kickoff, it is becoming very apparent that the feckless republics are reverting to their default position, of being cowards. I just don’t see anyway the republicans can “force” votes on the issue as she is suggesting. They have taken some 40 votes in the House and passed those onto the Senate where Harri Weed just ignores them. So how exactly are the Senate republicans going to force a vote and get vulnerable dimoCraps on the record. Maybe I’m missing something?

    Of much greater importance in my opinion is: The treasonous repubic leadership in the House who are hellbent on passing major immigration reform and amnesty. When Schmucky is playing king maker with the repubics the American people are going to lose and lose big time.

    My prediction of what they are going to do. They [the House] are going to pass piecemeal legislation probably starting with “Border Security” before the November election. Causing a “false rally” of the republican base, thinking that something legitimate will be done. That legislation will be sent onto the Senate where it will linger and no action taken on it until after the November election. A conference committee will be formed after the election and the Senate version of the Immigration Bill will pass in it’s entirety.

    Kiss the entire Country goodbye, with a assist from the Benedict Arnold repubic House leadership!
    Treason by any other name is still Treason and it’s unfolding right before our eyes


  4. If Coulter (or any real conservative) is for something, you can bet your bottom dollars AND your neighbor’s farm that the Repub “leadership” (e.g., Boehner, Cantor, McCain) will fight tooth and nail against it. Why would they want to destroy a system that put them in power?

    It’s probably a nearly moot point, anyway, because as long as Dingy is head of the Senate nothing that isn’t socialist in nature will ever even be allowed on the floor for debate.

    Not only is shutting the guvmint down the right thing to do, it’s the ONLY thing to do while we’ve a socialist president and a socialist-led congress.

    If we can keep the guvmint shut down until the elections next year, then our job is to elect people who love the great country this once was and can be again and will work toward that end, and get rid of the Reids, Schumers, Obamas, Clintons, Boehners, Grahams and all the other socialists who would turn us into a second-rate third world nothing.


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