Pat Caddell On Obama: ‘The Man Is An Egomaniac!’ (Video)

“Political Insiders Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, and John LeBoutillier with Gregg Jarrett started off their weekend Fox Show talking about Obama’s lousy poll numbers – especially the one that shows that most people aren’t buying the Regime’s “phony” scandal line.

Pat Caddell, noted, that the president had a press conference and none of those “bold people – those lapdogs” –  in the Washington press corps bothered to ask him about that.

Still, Obama has been looking very weak on foreign policy “No one respects him, no one takes him seriously. The problem is”, he lamented, “the Republicans….the only voice they have on foreign policy apparently is John McCain and Lindsey Graham running around with their pro- Muslim Brotherhood (shtick) in Egypt.”

Laboutillier said that people clearly know that we’re not being told the truth about Benghazi and hinted that another Benghazi whistlerblower was in the midst of coming forward. “There is one CIA agent who refuses to be polygraphed, and wants to talk to Congress, and in fact called a congressman this past week. So far that hasn’t been allowed.” He continued, “but there is …..unhappiness brewing.”

Stay tuned…

They played the clip of Obama at his Friday press conference  trying (and failing) to explain why they haven’t captured the suspects in the Benghazi terrorist attack, and Caddell remarked that it was really offensive for Obama to keep taking credit for “getting” Bin Laden. “This man is an egomaniac!”, he exclaimed. He takes no blame for anything that goes wrong – but if anything goes right, he did it.

There are no successes. There is NOTHING good happening with the government, said Shoen.

He noted that Putin will not forget Obama’s insult from last week. “The reset button with Russia is dead.”

“And the here’s the problem that is added to this. We are not respected in the world, and we are not seen as leading,” Caddell added.

“He was at his highest energy on Russia was when he was talking about gay rights in Russia. Is that biggest issue between the two countries?” Gregg Jarrett wondered.

Moving on to the Republican primaries for 2016, they agreed that Chris Christie looked strongest in the general election against Hillary. But won’t get nominated. His negatives with the base are too low.

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