Joe DiGenova: Obama Should Be Held In Contempt For Leaking About Sealed Indictment (Audio)

There was some movement on the Benghazi scandal front today.

In an interview on WMAL, this morning, Washington attorney, Joe DiGenova noted that the president may be on thin ice for leaking information about the sealed indictment at his press conference, Friday. He said, “we are now getting close to a series of statements by the president that puts him on the long road toward impeachable offenses. At that news conference, the President of the United States violated a court order of the United States District Court of either the Eastern District of Virginia, or the District of Columbia where this sealed indictment apparently exists. He’s not allowed to say that. A president can declassify a document, but he cannot unseal an indictment – only a federal court can do that, DiGenova claimed.

He went on to say that what the president did was illegal, and he should be held in contempt of court for it.

“It’s unbelievable! And the way he did it! This nonchalant, Cool Hand Luke crapola!”

ABC News reported on the controversial disclosure, last Friday:

“[W]e have informed, I think, the public that there’s a sealed indictment,” the president responded. “It’s sealed for a reason. But we are intent on capturing those who carried out this attack, and we’re going to stay on it until we get them.”

That marked the only official confirmation so far of a sealed indictment in the Benghazi case. For days, officials across the law enforcement and intelligence communities have refused to publicly confirm reports of a sealed indictment.

After all, according to federal law, “no person may disclose [a sealed] indictment’s existence,” and a “knowing violation … may be punished as a contempt of court.” Contempt of court carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

A U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, called the president’s disclosure “crazy.”

But according to a former prosecutor in the Justice Dept’s Public Integrity Section , Peter Zeidenberg, the president can leak anything he wants – because he’s the president.

“The [president], by virtue of his position, can’t violate any non-disclosure/confidentiality rule,” said Peter Zeidenberg, now in private practice in Washington. “One of the perks of being the head of the executive branch: Nothing he says is technically a leak. If he does it, it is authorized.”

However, Zeidenberg acknowledged “an argument could be made that a sealed matter can only be unsealed by a court.”

That’s quite an acknowledgement from the left wing zealot who led the witch-hunt into who leaked the “secret” identity of CIA desk jockey, Valerie Plame in 2003 and the subsequent prosecution of Dick Cheney’s aide “Scooter” Libby for misrepresenting the facts about his role in all of it. It was good of ABC ask a non partisan like Zeidenberg to comment on this story, eh?

AWR Hawkins of Big Government  reported on the DiGenova’s bombshell revelation that400 missiles were stolen in Benghazi….

On August 12, Joe DiGenova, attorney for one of the Benghazi whistleblowers, told Washington D.C.’s WMAL that one of the reasons people have remained tight-lipped about Benghazi is because 400 U.S. missiles were “diverted to Libya” and ended up being stolen and falling into “the hands of some very ugly people.”

DiGenova represents Benghazi whistleblower Mark Thompson. He told WMAL that he “does not know whether [the missiles] were at the annex, but it is clear the annex was somehow involved in the distribution of those missiles.”

He claimed his information “comes from a former intelligence official who stayed in constant contact with people in the special ops and intelligence community.” He said the biggest concern right now is finding those missiles before they can be put to use. “They are worried, specifically according to these sources, about an attempt to shoot down an airliner,” he claimed.

Asked why  – in a situation like this – the Regime would delay the FBI from entering Benghazi to investigate, DiGenova said because it happened right before the 2012 election, and the president had to be protected – not American citizens from terrorists with US missiles – Obama needed to be protected so he could be reelected. This is why they lied about everything – “because they are now responsible for all the stepchildren of violence that happens as a result of this. This is a very serious matter”, he noted.

“And when you compound it with the flippancy of the POTUS who talks about a sealed indictment  to cover his fanny to make it look like he’s doing something when he in fact was doing nothing, we have reached a level of cynicism personally  on the part of this president that is staggering. He’s not a president, anymore – he’s a talk show host.”

Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack have been working on this story for a week: Benghazi: Arabic-Language Media Implicates Egypt’s Fallen Muslim Brotherhood Regime

The experts who insist that the Benghazi attacks were carried out by jihadi stragglers who belong to the Jamal Abu Ahmad network don’t tell you how Ansar al-Sharia Egypt or the Muslim Brotherhood there were involved.


Identifying terrorist groups we entrusted to protect our diplomatic post in Benghazi is an admission that the Obama administration put the fox in charge of the henhouse; Ansar al-Sharia Egypt, along with its Libyan branch, members of the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, and LIFG were all very likely involved in the Benghazi attacks. This admission would also destroy the U.S. foreign policy reputation, as giving al-Qaeda the ability to rename and supervise its operations helped plunge the region into chaos.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

Mystery Priest Identified!

Aw! I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t disappointed. I was hoping it was a true blue, modern day miracle – a sign in troubled times that God is still in charge – but in this case, the skeptics were right. They mystery priest who showed up at the crash scene and prayed over the grievously injured girl who was pinned inside her car, has been identified, at last.


He doesn’t look much like the artist’s rendering, does he?

The Blaze has the story:

The mystery priest who recently showed up at a crash site, anointed a victim and then vanished has been identified — and he came forward by posting his identity in the comments section of a Catholic news site. The story began on Aug. 4, after Aaron Smith, 26, struck Katie Lentz, 19, in a head-on car crash. In the days that followed, the tale of a faith leader who showed up at the scene, anointed the young woman and then subsequently vanished went viral.

But now the individual, who brought calm upon the situation and who rescue workers have been hoping to find and thank, has been found. A press release provided to TheBlaze from the Diocese of Jefferson County confirmed that the Rev. Patrick Dowling, one of the priests who works with the diocese, is the individual whom they have been seeking.

While some assumed the mystery priest was an angel or a deceased Catholic saint coming back to shower goodwill upon mankind, it seems these individuals’ theories were incorrect; it was, in fact, a caring bystander and faith leader who took the time to help a young woman in crisis.

Read the statement provided by spokesperson Deacon Dan Joyce, head of communications for Fr. Dowling’s diocese, at the Blaze..

Here’s Dowling’s full comment:

I had Mass in Ewing MO as the regular priest was sick. As I was returning, I arrived at the scene. The authorities were redirecting traffic. I waited till it was possible to drive up closer. I parked behind a large vehicle about 150 yards from the scene. I asked the Sheriff’s permission and approached the scene of the accident. I absolved and anointed Katie, and, at her request, prayed that her leg would not hurt. Then I stepped aside to where some rescue personnel and the pilot were waiting, and prayed the rosary silently. I left when the helicopter was about to take off, and before I got to my car it was on its way to Quincy. I was amazed at the calmness of the two Highway patrol men. The sergeant was completely in control, amazingly calm. Everybody worked as harmoniously as a Swiss watch despite the critical nature of the scene. I gave my name to one of the authorities, perhaps to the sergeant of Highway Patrol, explaining that I was returning having celebrated Mass at Ewing. It was the sergeant who, at the Sheriff’s request, gave me Katie’s name as I was leaving, so I could visit her in hospital—I assumed she would be taken to Columbia. I think there may have been angels there too and, in this context, I congratulate the fire team from New London and Hannibal, the Sheriff/deputies of Ralls County, the Highway Patrol personnel, the helicopter team, the nurses and all who worked so professionally. God has blessed your work. I hope the credit goes where it is due.

The sheriff who who let the priest in to the crash scene gave a videotaped statement a few days ago:

In the past decade, the deplorable actions of a few priests have sullied the reputations and standing of all priests in too many peoples’ eyes. I do hope news of Father Dowling’s selfless actions go a long way toward rectifying that…

Artist Creates Sketch of “Mystery Angel Priest”


Via Fox News:

An artist has created a sketch of the mysterious “angel priest” who witnesses say appeared at the scene of a Missouri car accident Sunday, anointed and prayed with the teenage victim and then vanished without a trace.

Fox4KC reports Tucson-based artist Randall Sands created the sketch using online face sketch software at based on media reports, hoping someone would be able to identify the cleric.

Officials are still scratching their heads over the priest, who they say appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps more mysteriously, the local fire chief said he does not appear in any of 80 photos from the accident scene.

“I think that this time I’ve actually witnessed a guardian angel at work,” Jeremiah See of the New London Fire Department told ABC News.

Some have noted that August 4, the day of the crash, is the feast day of St. John Vianney, but Vianney doesn’t resemble the artist’s rendering of the mysterious priest.
Others have noticed a resemblance between the sketch and Father Luis, the priest who “died of joy” following a vision of the Virgin Mary in Garabandal, Spain in 1961.
The young Father Luis
Father_Louis_Maria_Andreu_rightside_SJIn the photo to the left, Father Luis is pictured to the extreme right, alongside his mother Maria Luisa
On the 8th August, 1961, he was among the crowd observing the girls at the pine grove where the visions often took place. Suddenly his face became tense and falling on his knees, he cried out loud : ‘Miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle!’
The four girls could see Fr. Luis, even though normally when in ecstasy they would see only the vision and each other. The Virgin told them that the priest was seeing her and a miracle, too. Conchita later wrote in her diary that the Virgin seemed to say to him, ‘You will soon be with Me.’

Fr. Luis left by car that same night with his travelling companions. They paused for a while at Cosio, three miles down the mountain road from Garabandal, where he went to meet the parish priest and said : ‘Don Valentin, what the children are saying is true, but I ask you not to repeat what I have just told you, for the Church can never be prudent enough in this kind of event.’
On the way home it was clear that Fr. Luis was overwhelmed with joy, repeating the words : ‘I am so happy! What a wonderful favour the Virgin has bestowed on me! How fortunate we are to have a Mother like that in Heaven! There is no reason to fear the supernatural life. The girls have shown us how we must act with the Blessed Virgin. There’s no doubt in my mind that the things involving the girls are true. But why should the Blessed Virgin have chosen us? This is the happiest day of my life!’ The final time he said this, he lowered his head to his chest, made a slight coughing sound, and then died.He was just thirty-eight. The news spread fast. Everyone was shocked. The next day, when the Virgin appeared to the girls, she told them that she had appeared to Fr. Luis as well as to them and had shown him a preview of a great Miracle to come, after which he had died of joy. This was not the end of the priest’s involvement with Garabandal, however. Just eight days later, on 16th August, the Blessed Virgin said to all four of them, ‘Fr. Luis will come and speak to you now.’ As Conchita recorded in her diary, A moment later, he called us one by one. We didn’t see him but only heard his voice. It was exactly like the one he had on earth.’

Loophole: Immigrants Being Told to use “Key Words” to Cross Border – Border Patrol Overwhelmed (Video)

This is just swell.

Border Patrol agents are being overwhelmed by a sudden influx of immigrants coming across the Southern border seeking asylum in the United States because they have a  “credible fear” of Mexican Drug Cartels.

At least 200 immigrants came through a Border Crossing near San Diego last week – all using the key words.

“We are being overwhelmed”, one Border Patrol agent said.

Noisy Room’s Teresa Monroe Hamilton calls it Cloward and Piven on the Southern Border:

In a clever plan that was communist in its inception and by its design, the Cloward and Piven Strategy has been used successfully in regards to Amnesty. David Horowitz of Discover the Networks defined it succinctly:

The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.


Meanwhile, using the Dream Act, violent illegal alien criminals are being released from our prisons. They are being set free onto American streets to wreak havoc and reap state benefits, while we foot the bill in more ways than one.

James Simpson, an incredible writer and researcher, has documented the use of communistic plans by the Gang of Eight and the other elitists seeking Amnesty for 20 to 30 million invaders. Another ringing the alarm bells on a permanent Progressive voting majority being built out of the invasion from the South is Trevor Loudon of New Zeal. Simpson has this to say on Trevor’s upcoming book:

The U.S. Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration-reform plan, as well as a strikingly similar plan now being backed by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and a bi-partisan House “Gang,” both offer the “roadmap to citizenship” originally conceived and carefully developed by members of the Communist Party USA working within the Democratic Party and the radical left activist network for the purpose of using amnestied illegals to build a “permanent progressive majority.”

That is the inescapable conclusion readers will draw after reading the forthcoming book by acclaimed researcher and blogger Trevor Loudon, titled “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” Although not yet published, Loudon agreed to allow WND readers to preview one chapter, titled “Latino Immigrants: Tools to Ensure a ‘Governing Coalition’ for the Left.”