Doug Shoen: A Republican Would Be Impeached For Doing What Obama’s Been Doing (Video)

Fox News’ political insiders Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier, and Pat Caddell with Gregg Jarrett start off each show with a look at the latest polls. This Sunday’s  theme seemed to be the Regime’s “Nixonian” abuse of executive power. Jarrett asked the group what they think of the poll number that shows a growing concern among the American people of the creeping authoritarianism plaguing the nation.

Doug Shoen went first: “The American people across the board have sense that we have a government showing profound contempt for the American people, for the rule of law, and a sense that government is responsive not to the people who elected them, but to their themselves. There’s profound contempt. Greg”, he said. “It’s a lawless government.”

I’m hearing that word, “lawless” more and more by pundits to describe the Regime. “Banana Republic” and the “I” word – “impeach” have been popping up a lot lately, too.

Pat Caddell, continued his thought, saying that Obama is “ruling essentially like a semi-despot.” He continued to say that “we are becoming a country of men, not laws. We have a political class – a ruling class – if you will – with the president at the head of it…”

Granted, he noted, it began with George Bush (who used executive power to get around a Congress that steadfastly refused to cooperate with him in order to avoid giving him a political win.)

“Let me tell you what we really have here, Caddell explained. “An utter contempt for the American people – they’re lulled by lies and we are basically depressed by cynicism in Washington.”

That’s pretty much what I’ve been saying for years now. The contempt these people – especially Democrats have for their constituents is painfully clear. Read this patently absurd fundraising letter to supporters to see a recent example of how much respect the Democrat political class has for rank and file drones: “If you get enough communications from the Democratic Party, this is the overriding conclusion you come away with: the Democrats’ leaders believe that their voters are idiots.”

Moving on to the NSA scandal – (which I am becoming increasingly alarmed about) Jarrett asked if the president was dishonest, misinformed, or clueless in his comment last week that violations weren’t happening.

Shoen noted that it is impossible to know, but now his answer (to use an old Watergate term) is inoperative. Caddell noted that the NSA audit showing 2,700 abuses was only in the Washington area – not the whole country. And LaBoutillier piped in that it was the NSA auditing themselves. He went on to ask, “why do we trust any agency to investigate itself.”

Moving on to the IRS that continues to target conservative groups even to this day, after listening to a clip of Obama back in May pretending he was outraged, wouldn’t tolerate it and promising action, a clearly agitated Caddell said, “He and the administration have now said all of that is a phony scandal, and the contradiction here is palpable, and if the president didn’t have a press that basically was with him, and an opposition that just rolled over… he would be hoisted on that petard! I mean, people are not stupid, Greg!”

Yeah — I am so with Caddell on this one. I know it’s easy to snipe from the sidelines, but (yes, I’ve mentioned this before) back in May I thought the Regime was crippled beyond repair. There were too many serious, near impeachment level offenses and scandals to look into. Obama’s second term agenda was dead – or so I thought. But no –  for some reason the  Republicans have been tolerant of  the Regime’s outlandish corruption and dishonesty. They are his enablers. They never stopped working with Democrats  to further his agenda. And most of them eschewed townhalls, this August, if you can believe that.  What does the NSA have on key Republicans, I have to wonder.

The scandals, the insiders note, surpass Watergate by virtue of the fact that the corruption is so pervasive.

“This is the IRS, the NSA, the AP, Benghazi, there is scandal of unprecedented proportions and Congress is not setting up a select committee to look at this!” Shoen exclaimed.

Jarrett played a clip from September of 2010 where a campaigning Obama was out on the stump belittling tea party groups by name to his tittering minions.

LaBoutillier responded “When he was saying that...he knew (and I think we can say this now) HE KNEW that the IRS was targeting those groups because there was the head of the IRS who had been there (the WH) 158 times – the Chief Counsel apponted by Obama was in on it – he okayed the criteria to monitor these groups – What we have here is a Nixonian type of use of executive power to go after the administration’s opponents.”

Shoen added, “if a Republican did what the Obama administration has done, there would be I believe an impeachment!”

(The Republicans must know this. Why do they allow the double standard? Why do they so blithely accept second class status in Washington DC?)

They finished off with a discussion about Benghazi of which they say Obama’s hoping to run out the clock by stonewalling the hapless Stupid party.

In short – the insiders have all but given up on the loyal opposition’s ability to provide a check and balance to the Regime’s abuses.

Video via Johnny Dollar

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