Cop To Obama For Impeachment Protester: ‘Most of Us Are Glad You’re Here’


OFOI protests took place all across the country, last weekend, and there have been a few stories in the news about  activists having difficulties with law enforcement. But those stories are the exception to the rule. For the most part, police officers have handled the protesters in a fair and neutral  manner and some have even been openly supportive.

Mary M., an activist in the Kansas City area described an encounter she had with an officer, last week: “When I was walking from where I parked to the overpass, a police officer drove by. He rolled down his window and I stopped. He saw my sign and said, ‘I just wanted to tell you to be careful crossing the road.’ I said thank you, are you here to keep an eye on us? He said, ‘let me just say that most of us are glad you are here. I can’t say anymore about my political opinions. Just be careful and bless you.'”

Another OFOI protester, Trent M. offered this story;  “I have asked MANY LEOs in the Springfield area if they will side with the people, or with the government if things go south, 100% of them said they would ‘stand behind the constitution’ or other tongue in cheek ways to say that they are on the same page as we are.”

Bill R. said,  “we were standing on the overpass talking to a few people who had walked by, and a lot of police had been driving by when one finally parked. It was a female officer, and I thought uh oh! she came over to me and asked me what the flag I was holding meant, it was a Gadsden flag. So I told her and her response was, Ok Thank you, you have a nice afternoon and stay safe.” Bill noted that “the lady that approached me was fairly young. She was very respectful!”

Brad H. said nothing like that happened where he was, “but at the last event, a cop was stopped at our intersection. He looked over at us for a few seconds and then gave a big wave. I guess with the dashboard cams running, he couldn’t honk without getting caught.”


A civilian employee in a KC area police station said, “believe me, there are more on our side then against us!”

A retired police officer  from Independence noted, “in this city the Officers are after law breakers not peaceful demonstrators.”

Buzzfeed for a photo essay from last weekend’s protests. Andrew Kaczynski calls Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment, “The New Fad Taking The Country By Storm.”

“It’s the next big thing,” he snarks.

One thing is for sure – they’re a determined lot and they’re not going away anytime soon.



Video: Krauthammer Calls State Dept Stonewall on Benghazi a ‘Clinton Protection Operation’

Yesterday, we learned that Secretary of State John Kerry cleared of wrong-doing four State Department employees who had been put on leave last December by then Sec of State Hillary Clinton over Benghazi screw-ups.

A senior State Department official confirmed to The Daily Beast Monday that all four officials placed on administrative leave were now returned to regular duty and would not face any formal disciplinary action. The administrative leave designation was not a formal punishment, but did prevent the officials from working while the Kerry team, which inherited the Benghazi issue from the Clinton team in February, reviewed their cases.

It’s now official – no one but the whistleblowers have paid any kind of price for the criminal negligence that led to the attack on the Benghazi compound September 11, 2012 that killed our ambassador and 3 others brave Americans.

On Special Report, tonight, Charles Krauthammer dryly noted, “this is the definition of how to conduct a stonewall.” The good doctor then explained exactly how  the Regime pulled it off: “For all of the weeks after Benghazi – remember weeks that took us past election day – all the administration’s answers to all questions about the Benghazi fiasco were ‘we can’t talk – it’s under investigation, we’re waiting for the ARB.’ Then you get the ARB report, and then everybody says afterward, well it’s all in the ARB report. What did it say? The responsibility stops at the Asst. Secretary level – these are the people who botched it, and they will be put on leave. Stage three is now, where the new Secretary of State looks at this and says essentially, these people were not responsible – or they don’t really carry any accountability. They are back on the job, as you say, without ever missing a paycheck, and no one is held responsible.”

He went on to note that one of the four who was accused, Raymond Maxwell, had suggested that the whole thing was set up as a way to protect Hillary Clinton.

“Whatever the intent was, it surely is a Clinton protection operation in effect,” he said.

Copts Blast US and EU For Portraying MB As Victims While 82 Of Their Churches Burn – US Cuts Off Aid

torched church

The Assyrian International News Agency is reporting that the Coptic Church is not pleased with how the the media has reported and the US and EU have responded to the Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Coptic churches that have escalated since former President Morsi was ousted on July 3. Copts in general, a Coptic Bishop, and the Coptic Pope were all cited for this article:

“Over the past weeks we have witnessed an increasing trend of anti-Christian rhetoric calling for ‘the attack upon and eradication of Christians and churches’ in Egypt,” said Coptic Bishop Anba in the United Kingdom. “The result of such incitement, at least in part, has been the unprecedented attack on fifty two churches and numerous Christian homes and businesses across eight governorates in Egypt, within the space of twenty four hours.”

Yesterday Dr. Naguib Gabriel, President of Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization, said “82 churches, many of which were from the 5th century, were attacked by pro-Morsy supporters in just two days.”

Coptic Pope Tawadros II issued a statement yesterday expressing his views on the violence which engulfed Egypt, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of fomenting sectarian clashes.

The Pope said the Church is on “the side of Egyptian law, the armed forces and all the Egyptian civil institutions when it comes to confronting violent armed organizations and terrorizing forces, either within the country or from abroad.” The Pope pointed out that one should look beyond the squares where the Muslim Brotherhood have been holding their protests, in order to gain a general overview of what has been happening for weeks in Egypt. “The attacks on government buildings and peaceful churches terrorize everyone, whether they be Copts or Muslims. These actions go against any religion, any moral code and any sense of humanity.”

The Coptic Church also criticized the way in which the crisis is reported outside of Egypt. It expressly speaks of “false broadcast by Western media,” and urges for an “objective” revision to be made of the descriptions given to the actions of those “blood-thirsty radical organizations.” The Coptic Orthodox Church says that “instead of legitimizing them with global support and political coverage while they are trying to wreak havoc and destruction upon our beloved land, report all events truthfully and accurately.”

Pope Tawadros reaffirmed his support for “national unity” and rejected any form of “international interference in our internal affairs.”

The Pope is at the top of the Islamists’ assassination list.

The views of the Coptic church are also held by Copts in general, who are angry with the US and EU powers, “who almost daily issue statements threatening to take further actions against our interim government and army, portraying the Muslim Brotherhood as victims while not even mentioning the destruction of over 80 churches, as well monasteries, orphanages, businesses and Coptic schools by the Muslim Brotherhood,” says Coptic activist Wagih Yacoub who believes that this western attitude emboldens them to carry out further violence. “To add insult to injury the Muslim Brotherhood this week hoisted the black Al-Qaida flag on top of St. George’s church in Sohag. Three churches were turned into mosques in Minya and Friday prayers were held inside them.”

Meanwhile the Obama Administration has “Temporarily” Suspended Aid To Egypt Under The Table Despite Publicly Saying That They Haven’t Yet Made Decision.

Via Fox News:

Adding to the confusion over its Egypt policy, the Obama administration reportedly has decided to suspend aid to the military-backed government on a temporary basis — despite avoiding taking a public position on the matter.

The Daily Beast reports that, according to a U.S. senator and unnamed administration officials, the administration has temporarily suspended most of the $1.3 billion in military aid, as well as the delivery of weapons and economic aid amid a review of the financial support.

It should be noted that Republican Senators Graham, McCain, and Ayotte all endorse this decision.


Obama Taps Former ACORN Lobbyist To Head Obamacare Youth Video Contest…

U.S. Awaits Supreme Court Decision On Affordable Care Act

Deepak Bhargava spent ten years working in various capacities for the community organization ACORN.

The Regime is launching an ObamaCare video contest designed to encourage low info drones to sign up for ObamaCare. The Dept of Health and Human Service is offering cash prizes to cultists who create the best propaganda videos.

The administration will partner with Young Invincibles, a non-profit youth issues organization, to run the contest, with the goal of reaching those younger Americans who are skeptical of the need for health coverage.

Participants will be encouraged to submit three different types of videos advertising the benefits of the exchanges: a song, an animated short, or a video designed to convince viewers that they aren’t invincible. Using funds from the Affordable Care Act’s education and outreach budget, HHS will award $3,000 each to the creators of the three most popular and persuasive videos, while second and third place winners will get $2,500 each.

Via Daily Mail:

A liberal organization tapped Monday to manage a new federal government-sponsored video contest aimed at encouraging young Americans to embrace Obamacare is run by ACORN’s former top lobbyist, MailOnline can reveal.

ACORN, the once-mighty Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, crumbled in 2010 just months after a video sting operation showed its employees advising activists posing as a pimp and prostitute on how to evade federal taxes and hide crimes including human trafficking and prostitution.

Congress voted officially to defund it shortly thereafter.

The far-left ACORN was also dogged for years by allegations – some proven, others not – that its street-level organizers engaged in widespread voter registration fraud.

In its heyday, ACORN’s legislative agenda was managed by Deepak Bhargava, an Indian-born community organizer. Bhargava left ACORN in 2002 after holding the top government affairs position there for 10 years. He is now executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Community Change.

In 2013 that organization sponsored a new youth outreach arm called Young Invincibles, which announced a partnership on Monday with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Bhargava’s group, Center for Community Change has partnered with the Obama administration to sponsor the video contest.

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, who was among the most vocal Republicans during the 2010 battle over ACORN’s federal funding, told MailOnline that the White House is risking a public backlash with its choice of partnerships.

‘The fact that the Obama administration is putting a senior staffer of the now defunct and notoriously corrupt ACORN in charge of giving away cash to bribe young Americans into accepting Obamacare is cause for grave concern,’ Gosar said.

‘This new effort goes to show that the Obama administration will go to questionable lengths to force the American people into government run healthcare.’

Let’s take a little trip down Memory Lane because  it should be remembered that in 2008 the Obama Campaign paid ACORN over $800,000 for so-called “advance work.”

A specific, month by month account of money paid by the Obama campaign to the ACORN front organization, Citizens Services, Inc. for those fraudulent “advance service”, taken from FEC reports and totaling $832,598.29 since Feb, 2008, can be found here.

Barack Obama has a long and colorful history of denying his embarrassing, radical leftwing associations, until he can no longer maintain the façade.  At which point, he jettisons whatever or whoever has caused the embarrassment and MovesOn.

Indeed, at his now defunct  Fight the Smears site (the precursor to Obama’s creepy Authoritarian “Attack-Watch” and “Truth Team”), Obama denied his embarrassing association with ACORN.  (Fight the Smears was pure propaganda, by the way – it put out  half truths and outright lies in order to provide his willing accomplices in the media a cover story to defend Obama with whenever his political opponents dug up damaging information about him – which happened a lot because there is just so much dirt in his background.)

Look how the campaign of the future president went after Ken Blackwell,  a private citizen because he dared to bring to light the truth about Obama’s extensive dealings with the now disgraced ACORN.

Discredited Republican voter-suppression guru Ken Blackwell is attacking Barack Obama with naked lies about his supposed connection to ACORN.

• Fact: Barack was never an ACORN community organizer.
• Fact: Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity.
• Fact: ACORN was not part of Project Vote, the successful voter registration drive Barack ran in 1992.

In his capacity as an attorney, Barack represented ACORN in a successful lawsuit alongside the U.S. Department of Justice against the state of Illinois to force state compliance with a federal voting access law. For his work helping enforce the law, called “Motor Voter,” Barack received the IVI-IPO Legal Eagle Award in 1995. (For more about Barack’s career, check out our Obama bio.)

Ken Blackwell is best known today for disenfranchising Democratic voters in his dual role as Ohio Secretary of State and chair of George Bush’s Ohio campaign in 2004. To see him shed crocodile tears for the integrity of the vote while making accusations about Barack and ACORN with absolutely no basis in fact is disturbing.

Blackwell’s attacks against ACORN and community organizers continue a vile Republican pattern of mockery and viciousness against this noble profession. Community organizers are the very individuals Republicans should be celebrating for helping people to help themselves rather than depending on the government.

•Fact: Everything the Obama campaign said back there was a lie.

For some reason – it never occurred to the MSM that this tendency of the Obama campaign to dish out dishonest propaganda and viciously attack Obama’s political enemies, was an unhealthy thing for the country that they should have been exposing. For some reason, they just went along with the lies – and most continue to run interference  for him to this day.

*Fact: Yes, Barack was a community organizer with ACORN.

Stanley Kurtz, researched Obama’s ties to ACORN and pointed us to these news sources:

The LA Times:

Several community organizers and Altgeld Gardens tenants confirmed Johnson was working on asbestos but said Obama organized residents to act. “He got people to vote with their feet” on the issue, organizer Madeleine Talbot said. At the time, Talbot worked at the social action group ACORN and initially considered Obama a competitor. But she became so impressed with his work that she invited him to help train her staff.

Obama’s  own website:

When Obama met with ACORN leaders in November, he reminded them of his history with ACORN and his beginnings in Illinois as a Project Vote organizer, a nonprofit focused on voter rights and education. Senator Obama said, “I come out of a grassroots organizing background. That’s what I did for three and half years before I went to law school.   That’s the reason I moved to Chicago was to organize. So this is something that I know personally, the work you do, the importance of it.  I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career.  Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

And that ever fruitful Chicago Reader article about Obama from December 1995:

Another strong supporter of Obama’s work–as an organizer, as a lawyer, and now as a candidate–is Madeline Talbott, lead organizer of the feisty ACORN community organization, a group that’s a thorn in the side of most elected officials. “I can’t repeat what most ACORN members think and say about politicians. But Barack has proven himself among our members. He is committed to organizing, to building a democracy. Above all else, he is a good listener, and we accept and respect him as a kindred spirit, a fellow organizer.”

Obama continues his organizing work largely through classes for future leaders identified by ACORN and the Centers for New Horizons on the south side.

Was the Chicago Reader lying? Is the Chicago reader a racist organization?

Some more damning articles about Obama’s Acorn related activities have been scrubbed from the archives of the journal, Social Policy.

*Fact:   Barack was an ACORN trainer who conducted ‘Leadership Classes’ – says ACORN:

Obama started building the base years before. For instance, ACORN noticed him when he was organizing on the far south side of the city with the Developing Communities Project. He was a very good organizer. When he returned from law school, we asked him to help us with a lawsuit to challenge the state of Illinois’ refusal to abide by the National Voting Rights Act, also known as motor voter. Allied only with the state of Mississippi, Illinois had been refusing to allow mass-based voter registration according to the new law. Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar (the name of the Republican governor at the time) and we won. Obama then went on to run a voter registration project with Project VOTE in 1992 that made it possible for Carol Moseley Braun to win the Senate that year. Project VOTE delivered 50,000 newly registered voters in that campaign (ACORN delivered about 5000 of them).

Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office. Thus, it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign for State Senate and then his failed bid for U.S. Congress in 1996. By the time he ran for U.S. Senate, we were old friends. And along about early March, we started to see that the African-American community had made its move: when Sen. Obama’s name was mentioned at our Southside Summit meeting with 700 people in attendance from three southside communities, the crowd went crazy. With about a week to go before the election, it was very clear how the African-American community would vote. But would they vote in high enough numbers?

It seemed to us that what Obama needed in the March primary was what we always work to deliver anyway: increased turnout in our ACORN communities. ACORN is active on the south and west sides of Chicago, in the south suburbs and on the east side of Springfield, the state capital. Most of the turf where we organize in is African American, with a growing Latino presence in Chicago’s Little Village and the suburbs.

Fact: Project Vote was the voter registration arm of ACORN.

The ACORN “family of organizations” includes a “variety of other supports for direct organizing and issue campaigns”, such as Project Vote and the Living Wage Resource CenterACORN Community Labor Organizing Center is also an affiliation of ACORN.

Stanley Kurtz asked in the Fall of 2008,  “how does Barack Obama explain his denials of a link to Acorn in light of the evidence? Shouldn’t the press be asking him about this?”

Five years later it must be asked how anyone – given Obama’s  long history of lying to the American people –  would believe any of the BS he’s peddling now to sell Obamacare? And shouldn’t the American media (instead of the British Daily Mail) be breaking stories like this one?