Cop To Obama For Impeachment Protester: ‘Most of Us Are Glad You’re Here’


OFOI protests took place all across the country, last weekend, and there have been a few stories in the news about  activists having difficulties with law enforcement. But those stories are the exception to the rule. For the most part, police officers have handled the protesters in a fair and neutral  manner and some have even been openly supportive.

Mary M., an activist in the Kansas City area described an encounter she had with an officer, last week: “When I was walking from where I parked to the overpass, a police officer drove by. He rolled down his window and I stopped. He saw my sign and said, ‘I just wanted to tell you to be careful crossing the road.’ I said thank you, are you here to keep an eye on us? He said, ‘let me just say that most of us are glad you are here. I can’t say anymore about my political opinions. Just be careful and bless you.'”

Another OFOI protester, Trent M. offered this story;  “I have asked MANY LEOs in the Springfield area if they will side with the people, or with the government if things go south, 100% of them said they would ‘stand behind the constitution’ or other tongue in cheek ways to say that they are on the same page as we are.”

Bill R. said,  “we were standing on the overpass talking to a few people who had walked by, and a lot of police had been driving by when one finally parked. It was a female officer, and I thought uh oh! she came over to me and asked me what the flag I was holding meant, it was a Gadsden flag. So I told her and her response was, Ok Thank you, you have a nice afternoon and stay safe.” Bill noted that “the lady that approached me was fairly young. She was very respectful!”

Brad H. said nothing like that happened where he was, “but at the last event, a cop was stopped at our intersection. He looked over at us for a few seconds and then gave a big wave. I guess with the dashboard cams running, he couldn’t honk without getting caught.”


A civilian employee in a KC area police station said, “believe me, there are more on our side then against us!”

A retired police officer  from Independence noted, “in this city the Officers are after law breakers not peaceful demonstrators.”

Buzzfeed for a photo essay from last weekend’s protests. Andrew Kaczynski calls Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment, “The New Fad Taking The Country By Storm.”

“It’s the next big thing,” he snarks.

One thing is for sure – they’re a determined lot and they’re not going away anytime soon.




4 thoughts on “Cop To Obama For Impeachment Protester: ‘Most of Us Are Glad You’re Here’

  1. Thanks so much for this post! Even out here in California – the the “fruits and nuts” bastion of liberal madness – I spotted an “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” protest going on just before the exit I was taking to go shopping. I waved and honked my horn in support of these Patriots!

    I is SO ENCOURAGING to hear that there are many cops who side with us Patriots!


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