Political Insiders: “If GOP Shuts Down Government, They’ll Have Gone From The Stupid Party To The Suicidal Party” (Video)

Washington insiders Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier, and Pat Caddell, talk inside baseball every Sunday om Fox News’ “Political Insiders” with Gregg Jarrett

This week, the Insiders tackled the Ted Cruz/Mike Lee plan to defund Obamacare. All three of the insiders agreed that if the Republican party adopts Ted Cruz’s plan, they will have gone from the “Stupid Party” to the “Suicide Party”. It’s every Democrat’s “dream” for a shutdown of the government so they can blame Republicans, according to Jarrett. Schoen said, “the Republicans are on target to hold the House and potentially win the Senate.” He continued that “the only potential game changer that the Democrats have to win the House is a shutdown.” The insiders think that a shut down of the government would be successfully blamed on Republicans putting 2014 in danger.  (Here’s Ann Coulter offering an opposing view.)

The Insiders also took an incredibly dim view of impeachment, Pat Caddell calling it not only self destructive, but “mental self abuse by people on the right….” His argument seemed to be that  Republicans should just keep investigating Obama’s scandals, “and see where it goes.” ( And here’s Andre McCarthy with an opposing view on impeachment.)

They continued to pound Boehner for not appointing a select committee on Benghazi, which 2/3 of House Republicans now support. They got that one right.

Moving on to Syria…. Hey, did you know that the gas attack in Syria happened on the one year anniversary of Obama’s “Red Line” ultimatum, “which he then didn’t enforce”.  This president is so weak, Caddell notes, “It tells you a lot about the contempt – whether it’s Assad, the Russians – it’s why the entire region is blowing up.” He went on, “it’s not that he’s a pacifist so much as he is a person who’s not an American exceptionalist – but the worst part is, he doesn’t believe in America, he believes in leading from behind. His one initiative, which was to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood has turned that region into a – a – sinkhole disaster.

Commenting further on Obama’s phony “red line”, Caddell said, “You have to say what you mean and mean what you say, and this president doesn’t because he is so far over his head, and he’s surrounded by people who frankly are incompetent. What’s happening in Egypt and in Syria is a disaster.”

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