Political Insiders: “If GOP Shuts Down Government, They’ll Have Gone From The Stupid Party To The Suicidal Party” (Video)

Washington insiders Doug Schoen, John LeBoutillier, and Pat Caddell, talk inside baseball every Sunday om Fox News’ “Political Insiders” with Gregg Jarrett

This week, the Insiders tackled the Ted Cruz/Mike Lee plan to defund Obamacare. All three of the insiders agreed that if the Republican party adopts Ted Cruz’s plan, they will have gone from the “Stupid Party” to the “Suicide Party”. It’s every Democrat’s “dream” for a shutdown of the government so they can blame Republicans, according to Jarrett. Schoen said, “the Republicans are on target to hold the House and potentially win the Senate.” He continued that “the only potential game changer that the Democrats have to win the House is a shutdown.” The insiders think that a shut down of the government would be successfully blamed on Republicans putting 2014 in danger.  (Here’s Ann Coulter offering an opposing view.)

The Insiders also took an incredibly dim view of impeachment, Pat Caddell calling it not only self destructive, but “mental self abuse by people on the right….” His argument seemed to be that  Republicans should just keep investigating Obama’s scandals, “and see where it goes.” ( And here’s Andre McCarthy with an opposing view on impeachment.)

They continued to pound Boehner for not appointing a select committee on Benghazi, which 2/3 of House Republicans now support. They got that one right.

Moving on to Syria…. Hey, did you know that the gas attack in Syria happened on the one year anniversary of Obama’s “Red Line” ultimatum, “which he then didn’t enforce”.  This president is so weak, Caddell notes, “It tells you a lot about the contempt – whether it’s Assad, the Russians – it’s why the entire region is blowing up.” He went on, “it’s not that he’s a pacifist so much as he is a person who’s not an American exceptionalist – but the worst part is, he doesn’t believe in America, he believes in leading from behind. His one initiative, which was to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood has turned that region into a – a – sinkhole disaster.

Commenting further on Obama’s phony “red line”, Caddell said, “You have to say what you mean and mean what you say, and this president doesn’t because he is so far over his head, and he’s surrounded by people who frankly are incompetent. What’s happening in Egypt and in Syria is a disaster.”

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7 thoughts on “Political Insiders: “If GOP Shuts Down Government, They’ll Have Gone From The Stupid Party To The Suicidal Party” (Video)

  1. [Deb video link missing]

    As usual the repubic’s have managed to stalemate themselves on all of these issues. They never learn how to get their message out and get ahead of the dims. Then all of the rino’s who came out against the defunding plan just played right into the dimoCrap party hand. They allowed the dims to turn the message on them, saying that “they” [the repubics] were the ones who were going to shut the gubermint down and not POTUS. Forty defunding votes in the House and it was all for show, knowing full well nothing was going to happen with it.

    Unless there is a coup de’tat in the House, impeachment, any fight on a continuing resolution, or stopping this President on “anything” isn’t going to happen. Not with Boehner and the rest of this leadership in place. They aren’t going to risk causing any waves between now and the election. They will even hand this President a major victory on Immigration reform, to their own detriment.

    The repubics have once again managed to checkmate themselves into a no win situation. Some three million Republican voters stayed home for the last election. I happen to think that number will be even bigger this time around. They are headed for a even bigger disaster by taking no action and handing gifts to the dimoCraps. I believe they have lost the base, with no way to turn it around in less than ninety days.

    They have become the dimoCrap party lite. The Country just may be forever lost at this rate.


  2. The points of attack on Obama over Syria are REDICULOUS. “Looks weak”. He doesn’t look weak with Syria he looks like either an incompetent or an insane person. Look what happened with Egypt and who knows why we even considered Libyan military action sound foreign policy. His foreign policy seems to be “Topple Secular Regimes in the Middle East”. It doesn’t take a Henry Kissinger to realize that policy will result in a less stable Middle East. Who in their right mind wants that? Attack him on that, like a reasonable, rational opponent would rather then goad him into action that’s horrible for U.S. interests.


  3. I see the video – you don’t?

    I think you’re wrong on immigration. I don’t see anything passing, this year. I understand both sides on the defund debate and I think they’re all working toward the same goal – repeal ObamaCare. It’s the establishment vs the newbies on tactics. And I’ve been wavering back and forth on the best way to go. We don’t want to compromise 2014, which is pathetic because it’s really Republicans waving the white flag in anticipation of the beating they know they’d get from the Democrat media complex instead of fighting and trying to make their case.


  4. [No I don’t but, not to worry. Perhaps it’s just my end. I get “video does not exist” when I click on it or try to go to you tube to view it. I can find it.]

    Boehner and Cantor are probably going to pass a couple of pieces of immigration legislation that will favor the base before the election. . . .Border Security and perhaps a couple of others. Anything to show that they are “doing something”, it will only be a ploy to get past the election. After the election they will pass most of the other stuff that the “base” does not like. In the meantime Harri Weed will be sitting in the Senate “collecting” all of it and do nothing with it. When the moment is right he’ll call for a conference and the vast majority of the Senate Bill will be adopted and sent onto POTUS for signature and a new law.

    I hope I’m wrong. Our best hope I think lays with Goodlatte of Virginia, the Committee Chairman, but he seems to waiver back and forth on what he wants to do.


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