Video: Tea Party Threatens To Rename ObamaCare to BoehnerCare – Protests in Front Of Boehner’s Office

The group Faith2Action held a rally with several hundred people in front of House Speaker Boehner’s office in Ohio, Tuesday, their message to  Boehner being – support the defund ObamaCare effort, or they’ll rename the Affordable Care Act BoehnerCare.

Miami County News reported:

Faith2Action, led by its president Janet Porter and supporters in the Tea Party, Pro-Family and Christian leadership movements, say Boehner, who is the Speaker of the House, needs to push to stop the Affordable Care Act.
“If the Speaker doesn’t use the power of the purse to stop Obamacare it will forever be known as ‘Boehnercare,'” Porter said in a press release issued Monday.


“The Speaker needs to listen to his base instead of liberal Democrats and the media who will never support him,” added Lori Viars, vice president of Warren County Right to Life. “Congress controls the purse strings, and Republicans control Congress. Speaker Boehner has the power to stop Obamacare; we are calling on him to use it.”

Janet Porter was a guest on Greta Van Sustern’s Fox show, “On the Record”:

The left-wing group, ProgressOhio had reportedly tried to organize a counter-protest in front of Boehner’s office at the same time in support of the Affordable Care Act,  but ended up holding a lightly attended “press conference” instead.

ProgressOhio gathered today alongside activists and community organizers to ask the Heritage Foundation why they continue to stand against health care for children, the elimination of pre-exisiting conditions, and reproductive services for women.

progress ohio

2 thoughts on “Video: Tea Party Threatens To Rename ObamaCare to BoehnerCare – Protests in Front Of Boehner’s Office

  1. I don’t think that is the only title that is going to be hung around Boner’s neck, in the very near future. If they [repubic’s] manage to maintain the majority, I wouldn’t expect him to hold onto the Speaker position, especially if more Tea Party candidates manage to get elected. I think Cantor is gone also.

    Lindsey Lohan Graham was scheduled to hold a Town Hall last night in Charleston. The poor baby is really feeling the heat nowadays with three challengers for the Republican nomination. He never showed up for the meeting, there was over whelming opposition just waiting to greet him.


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