82% Of Whites, 83% Of Non-Whites Support Voter ID According to Latest Poll

Attention Eric Holder:


Via John Fund,National Review:

Last week, Hillary Clinton used a speech to the American Bar Association to rail against states that are requiring voters show a photo ID before they vote. She called ID requirements part of “the greatest hits of voter suppression,” but she was ignoring evidence that minority turnout has gone up in states with even the toughest ID laws, even in elections where Barack Obama isn’t on the ballot.

Civil-rights activists are often of two minds on voter ID. Last year, when the NAACP hosted Attorney General Eric Holder at its annual convention, one of the requirements to cover his speech was that “all media must present government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver’s license).” Meanwhile, NAACP president Ben Jealous introduced Holder by attacking ID laws.

“We must overwhelm the rising tide of voting suppression,” he said.

Jealous isn’t the first minority leader to say one thing while something else is done right in front of his eyes. North Dakota blooger Rob Port has a hilarious post on how several Native-American tribes require an ID to vote in tribal elections, while vehemently opposing the concept for other contests.

11 thoughts on “82% Of Whites, 83% Of Non-Whites Support Voter ID According to Latest Poll

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  2. If Hillary Clinton speaks out against something, it is all the more reason to dig deeper. She is the most vile, dispicable, corrupt human being I have ever researched. A jail sentence is what she deserves, and I pray she be held accountable for 30 years of illegal activities and her involvement in treasonous misdeeds benefitting only herself and those of her “kind”, sitting in a public servant role. It is NOT a republican or democratic problem, and It is idiotic to say so.


  3. In 2009 when polls revealed that more 80% of Americans liked their healthcare, the Democrats still insisted on passing it so please Do NOT tell the Democrats the results of this poll. No telling what they will do about Voter IDs with over 80% of Americans supporting voter IDs.


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