Krauthammer: Obama Looks Like He’s Chickening Out – US Credibility On The Line (Video)

Appearing on Fox News  after Barack Obama’s Syria speech, Saturday, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer accused the president of leaving the region hanging, and making it look like he was “chickening out.”

“This is amateur hour,” Krauthammer said, and if you were sitting in Syria, Iraq, or Moscow watching this speech, then it looked like Obama was looking for a way out of striking Syria after he had boxed himself in.

After listing the arguments in favor of going war, he noted, “the only thing that matters at this point, is the word of the United States. That overrides everything.”

“Even though I think a limited attack is not the right thing to do, at this point he has to do something, or we will have reached the lowest ebb of American influence in the region since 1970,” he said.

As for Obama’s murky timetable for action, Krauthammer said:

“They hear a president who has no idea what he is doing and speaks about this in a leisurely way. What he ought to do, (and I can’t believe he actually decided otherwise!) is bring back Congress tomorrow. We’ve got Reagan Airport, we’ve got National Airport, we’ve got Dulles….you bring in the members of congress, you have a debate for two days, and you have a resolution. You can’t leave the region hanging…It looks absolutely as if the president has chickened out. And that;s the work of the president because of the way he did this.

John Bolton found Obama’s Rose Garden speech to be “absolutely stunning.” He continued, “I’ve been trying to fill in the blank in the following sentence, ‘Barack Obama is the weakest president since….uh – and I have to say, the best I can come up with is James Buchanan who watched the country dissolve into the Civil War. ”


White House Dossier: Obama’s Serial Syria Mistakes:

Let’s count the ways in which President Obama has screwed up his Syria policy.

1. He failed to take a stand in a conflict that clearly involves our interests. Bashar Assad is an ally of our enemy, Iran, and a supporter of Iran’s interests and of terrorism throughout the Middle East. He arms people who want to destroy Israel, and Israel is our friend, whose continued existence we safeguard militarily. The chance to eliminate Assad should have been seized early with a robust program of assistance to rebels before Islamists and al Qaeda had fully infiltrated their ranks.

2. Obama drew a red line without thinking. He committed to United States to action without thoroughly understanding the consequences. America must be considered true to its word or it will not be taken seriously, and national security will be severely damaged. This type of irresponsibility is what happens when you elect someone with no relevant experience for the job to be president.

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3 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Obama Looks Like He’s Chickening Out – US Credibility On The Line (Video)

  1. I’m with Bolton on this one, it’s stunning. I don’t think anyone anticipated this move. Having said that it should’ve been predicted. I think he realizes at this point that he put his foot in his mouth big time and had painted himself into a corner. When PM Cameron couldn’t secure a vote in Parliament the other day, obozo was up the creek without a paddle. The Brits who he has no use for [remember the Churchill incident}, stuck it to him. Cameron was suppose to make the case at the U.N., which never would’ve worked with Russia and China’s veto power. That left the drop and run French covering our back. Germany wasn’t buying into anything.

    Whoever came up with this idea was brilliant, I don’t believe it was obozo, he isn’t this smart. He just took the onus off himself and put it on the Congress and those evil republicans. It’s the ultimate get out of jail free card. The Congress who was suppose to come back from vacation and start on the debt problem, a Continuing Resolution and pick up their investigations of Benghazi, the IRS and the NSA taking their time to culminate just in time for November for the upcoming elections. Now what?

    The guy who has for the last 5+ years shredded and disregarded our Constitution every chance he got, all of a sudden got “religion” and decided to obey and comply with the U.S. Constitution and get a vote from Congress on a “Use of Force Resolution”, all while still claiming that he had the authority to take action himself without the Congress. Once again not a “Declaration of War”, a Use of Force resolution for a limited action. Then leaks to reporters that regardless of the Congressional vote, he’ll do what he wants regarding Syria anyway. That is all “BS”, Congress will not approve of this, short of new compelling evidence.

    It’s a stroke of genius, it could not have come from this clown. While he claims he has the Constitutionality to do it without Congress {and I think he does}, he’ll blame the Congress if they turn him down and everything is off of his shoulders and on the Congress. It’s brilliant, I tell ya!

    U.S. credibility took a huge hit with this today. Assad and Iran have got to be encouraged with this indecision, not to mention Putin. Israel has got to realize now, that they cannot rely on us when it comes to their own safety now. Nobody should be surprised if we see some Military action undertaken by Israel now.


  2. NiceDeb, The Daily Caller’s, Aaron Klein, has written an article titled ‘Obama’s Iran-Contra: The Real Benghazi Scandal’, dated 19 Aug 2013, linking the Benghazi attack and the Algeria’s kidnapping attack! It is a MUST READ!


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