Video: GOP Congressman and Kerry Tangle On Syria During Tense Exchange

In a contentious back and forth with Sec of State John Kerry on Syria, Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL-01), Miller argued the Senate only delayed the Syria resolution because there weren’t enough votes to pass it.

“You know that,” the lawmaker said.

“Actually, no I don’t,” Kerry replied.

“Well, I do,” Miller shot back.

“Well, I’m glad you know something. I think, this should not be a political discussion,” Kerry responded.

Miller also asked Kerry what he meant when he said the strike on Syria would be “incredibly small. ” Kerry answered it would be small in comparison to military action in places like Iraq. “

Here is a review of the timeline Of Obama regime’s evolution on Syria Red Line on Fox News’ Special Report with Brett Baier.

Video via the Mass Tea Party·

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2 thoughts on “Video: GOP Congressman and Kerry Tangle On Syria During Tense Exchange

  1. Boy, I’ll tell ya. . . . Senator Lurch sure does get cranky real fast, doesn’t he? I mean from zero to “pissy pants” in nothing flat. Coming from one of the biggest blowhards that ever walked through the Senate. Him saying “let’s not make this political”, is the diplomatic version of the “race card”. If he had any decentcy or self respect left he’d resign after all the curve balls his boss has thrown at him. But then again. . . . .Teresa is home.

    This crowd who beat the living crap out of Dubya for eight years and declared him incompenent and a cowboy has managed by their own ineptness to turn 43 into Jeffersonian stature, el quicko!


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