Glenn Beck: Impeach Obama Over Syria

A Washington Post poll a couple of weeks ago showed that 70% of the American people oppose arming the Syrian rebels.

It’s appalling enough that the president and his flunkies are ignoring the good sense of the American people on this. We’re used to Obama ignoring the will of the people and doing whatever he wants. But the fact that he actually has a few members of the Stupid Party stupidly going along with him on this heinous scheme is almost too much to bear. What’s to stop the weapons from falling into the hands of the bad guys? Especially since many of the Free Syrian Army “moderates” are not so moderate according to media reports. – Our government will be (and have been)  handing guns directly to radical Islamists who are fighting right alongside the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Brigades attacking, terrorizing  and torturing civilians.

Anyone who signs on to this should be impeached – or voted out of office in 2014. McCain, Graham, and Corker should be put on notice.

Glenn Beck said today that he is personally calling for the impeachment of the president of the United Stated over arming al Qaeda.


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