Why Was An Al Qaeda Commander Photographed Inside a USAID Tent? (Video)

I know I’ve been saying for weeks that the United States has been siding with the terrorists, but I didn’t mean it literally.  I meant that our policy of arming the Syrian rebels was indirectly aiding the Jihadists, because they have been fighting alongside the so-called “moderate” rebels and it would seem to me that the weapons would inevitably be shared.

I didn’t think I meant that the United States would directly and purposefully give aid and comfort to al Qaeda.

That said, what the hell is this?

al qaeda usaid

The Blaze  reports that the image above comes from the front line of the Syrian war, suggesting the worst we feared – that terrorists are already enjoying the comforts of US equipment and supplies.

This appears to prove all the concerns among U.S. lawmakers and analysts that aid to the Syrian rebels could end up in the hands of Al Qaeda.

The photograph allegedly shows Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) linked Commander Muhajireen Kavkaz wa Sham, along with other rebels dawning battle-gear and an RPG, inside a USAID tent.

And here’s Glenn Beck and Sara Carter discussing the photo on the Glenn Beck Show:


Weasel Zippers: Syrian Jihadist Rebels Beat Man To Death For Being Christian…

Al-Thawrah, Syria (AINA) — A 26 year-old Assyrian man, Ninar Odisho, was murdered on Saturday, September 21, in the afternoon in the city of Al-Thawra (al-Tabqah), where he had gone to safeguard his family’s house and property. Mr. Odisho was with two Muslim friends when they were approached by Jihadist rebels, who questioned the three men at gun point. The rebels released his friends upon learning they were Muslim, then beat and bludgeoned Mr. Odisho to death.

Walid Shoebat: More Video Evidence Syrian Rebels used Chemical weapons:

On one side, evidence has been consistently mounting that suggests it was the Syrian rebels who launched the now infamous Chemical weapons attack on August 21st. On the other side (Obama, Kerry, and McCain) has been a consistent insistence that Bashar al-Assad’s regime was responsible without producing any real evidence to make the case. In McCain’s case, his basis for concluding that Assad was responsible has been that the rebels never had any such weapons.

In the second of two videos below, you will see B-roll of a bag of chemicals that are from a Saudi Arabian factory with the name of Sachlo. These appear to be the same chemicals shown in another video we posted back in August. That video has since been pulled down but the second image below is a screen shot of that bag from the video. The first image below is a screen shot of what you get when you visit the Sachlo website. It may indeed be down for maintenance but in light of these developments, we thought it noteworthy to show you what appears when you click on the site as of this posting. Be sure to check the site regularly to see if there are any changes.

Hat tip: Brian B.

Video: Health Care Expert Explains Young People Will Not Buy ObamaCare

Nobody explains ObamaCare better than “health policy wonk” C. Steven Tucker.  He appeared on Chicago’s AM560 WIND to discuss the coming failure of Obamacare as it is rolled out.

A mildly amusing moment comes at the beginning of the video when Tucker notes that Obama lied to the American people when he was selling his health care bill.

“Barack Obama has lied on this issue and many more issues, but specifically this one….” he said.

The elderly host put his hand up to his ear and trembled, “you say that the president of the United States lied?”

“Yes,” Tucker answered truthfully. “He is in my opinion, a pathological liar.”

Keep listening as Tucker goes on to explain what’s coming next as the law is rolled out, and why “young invincibles” will NOT buy Obamacare health insurance.

Cruz Tells Rush: “The Single Biggest Surprise In The US Senate is The Defeatist Attitude Here” (Video)

Unlike Chuckie Schumer, Dingy Harry, John McShame, and Little Dick Durbin after two minutes, Ted Cruz looked and sounded as fresh at the end of his 21+ hour marathon speech/filibuster/whatever you want to call it, as he did at its onset.  The man is a conservative, Harvard educated Energizer Bunny.

And instead of going straight to bed, he went on the Rush Limbaugh show to do even more talking.

He reiterated the point he made during the filibuster – that too many Republicans just want a show vote to show to their constituents that they’re doing something,

“We don’t even talk about how to win a fight, he lamented. “There’s no discussion about it, There’s talk about – let’s get a show vote so we can tell our constituents that we’re doing something I promise you, Rush, if you had to sit through one Senate lunch, you’d be in therapy for a month.”

The bitter, MB-supporting Senator from Arizona took umbrage at the points Cruz has been making. McCain said he was very proud of the Republicans effort to defeat ObamaCare in 2009/10 (when there was no hope of winning.)

He lashed out at Cruz, after Beltway Barnacles Schumer, Dingy Harry, and Little Dick Durbin got their licks in.

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