Video: Senate Votes To Fund ObamaCare / Cruz, Sessions, Lee Floor Speeches/ Sore Winners

Well, they did it. And by bigger numbers than I expected: Cloture invoked 79-19 (60 vote threshold, there are 54 D, 46 R Senators)

This was the vote that mattered because Harry Reid could only get the 60 votes he needed with Republican help.  25Rs joined 54Ds to end debate on the House bill that defunded ObamaCare.

Conservative House Republicans said this cloture vote was “the same as a vote for ObamaCare itself” in this letter.

Official Roll Call showing how Senators voted here. Doug Ross’ color-coded list ishere.

The Reid Amendment to gut House bill and fund ObamaCare passed as predicted along party lines 54-44 (50 vote threshold.)

The final passage of amended House bill, now funding ObamaCare passed as predicted along the same party lines: 54-44 (50 vote threshold.)

Earlier this week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed optimism that five vulnerable Democratic senators in Red States would vote with Republicans to defeat Reid’s amendment to strip out the Obamacare defunding language. Because God Knows, Democrats don’t walk in lock step (come and get me McCain) when it comes to these crucial votes.

Senator Cruz repeated his filibuster clarion call: It’s Time for the Senate to Listen to the American People:


Senator Sessions: Dems ‘Building A Fortress’ Around Obamacare As Law’s Damage Spreads:

“We have to know that the Affordable Care Act is deeply unsound financially. The President’s promise, repeatedly made, that it would not add one dime to the debt… Is that true? No sir, it’s not true.

This is a hugely unsound new entitlement program that will endanger the financial future of America at a time when we need to quit digging ourselves deeper in debt and begin to work our way out of debt.”

Senator Lee: “The American people will always have the final word”:

Senator Lee makes the final case to defund Obamacare from the Senate floor prior to the cloture vote that would enable Senator Reid to restore Obamacare funding to the House CR with a simple majority.

And the sore winners:

Harry Reid: “Whomped Republicans”, “tea party anarchists” need to “get a life” and talk about something else.

Babs Mikulski Keeping it Classy, Calls Cruz Supporters ‘Teabaggers’:

Senator Barbara Mikulski called in to Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show, today and wheezed “the reason Ted Cruz stood up and asked for a delay is so that he could have a vote during, uh, today when his, the tea baggers and his tea party were going to watch.”

Just wow, lady.

Via Twitchy:

Video: Cruz Takes The High Road – Refuses To Bash Fellow Senators, Obama

Senator Cruz joined Sean Hannity, Thursday night to discuss defunding ObamaCare. His first question for Cruz was something I know a lot of people had on their minds. How hid he get through that 21 hours of riveting speechifying without going potty? Cruz explained that he took Senator Paul’s advice and drank very little water- tiny sips amounting to less than a glass of water for the duration.

We can all breath a big sigh of relief that the catheter rumors were not true.

Hannity played some of Obama’s most recent unhinged rhetoric from his never-ending campaign and asked for Cruz’s reaction.

“Those comments suggest that he’s worried…when he’s throwing around insults like “irrational” and  “blackmail,” Cruz began. He noted that Teamsters boss James Hoffa has gone public strongly opposing ObamaCare, if he’s saying that eveyone criticizing ObamaCAre is irrational, if he means to be saying that about the president of Teamsters.

Cruz also refused to criticize John McCain, saying that he respected and admired him for his military service.

According to Mike Flynn at Breitbart News, Cruz’s  defunding effort is nearing 30 votes in the Senate.

According to Hill sources, over 20 GOP Senators are set to buck Leadership on Friday and reject this procedural game, by voting against cloture. By some accounts, up to 30 Senators could vote against GOP Leadership, which would represent an existential crisis within the caucus. McConnell and Cornyn have publicly put their reputations on the line. If more than half the caucus votes against them, the center of power within the Senate Republicans will have shifted.

Here’s  a letter from House conservatives regarding Friday’s cloture vote in the Senate.

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