Video: Cruz Takes The High Road – Refuses To Bash Fellow Senators, Obama

Senator Cruz joined Sean Hannity, Thursday night to discuss defunding ObamaCare. His first question for Cruz was something I know a lot of people had on their minds. How hid he get through that 21 hours of riveting speechifying without going potty? Cruz explained that he took Senator Paul’s advice and drank very little water- tiny sips amounting to less than a glass of water for the duration.

We can all breath a big sigh of relief that the catheter rumors were not true.

Hannity played some of Obama’s most recent unhinged rhetoric from his never-ending campaign and asked for Cruz’s reaction.

“Those comments suggest that he’s worried…when he’s throwing around insults like “irrational” and  “blackmail,” Cruz began. He noted that Teamsters boss James Hoffa has gone public strongly opposing ObamaCare, if he’s saying that eveyone criticizing ObamaCAre is irrational, if he means to be saying that about the president of Teamsters.

Cruz also refused to criticize John McCain, saying that he respected and admired him for his military service.

According to Mike Flynn at Breitbart News, Cruz’s  defunding effort is nearing 30 votes in the Senate.

According to Hill sources, over 20 GOP Senators are set to buck Leadership on Friday and reject this procedural game, by voting against cloture. By some accounts, up to 30 Senators could vote against GOP Leadership, which would represent an existential crisis within the caucus. McConnell and Cornyn have publicly put their reputations on the line. If more than half the caucus votes against them, the center of power within the Senate Republicans will have shifted.

Here’s  a letter from House conservatives regarding Friday’s cloture vote in the Senate.

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One thought on “Video: Cruz Takes The High Road – Refuses To Bash Fellow Senators, Obama

  1. Great post! I also think that the following is the best tweet about Ted Cruz’s 21-hour speech!

    BiasedGirl @BiasedGirl

    Ted Cruz stayed awake for at least 21 hours to debate Obamacare. Obama couldn’t even stay awake to find out what happened in #Benghazi

    6:17 PM – 25 Sep 2013

    353 Retweets 135 favorites

    Strong contender for Tweet of the Year!

    Hat tip: Legal Insurrection blog


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