Ted Cruz: ‘Majority Leader Reid And Every Single Senate Democrat Voted To Shut Down The Government’ (Video)

On the Senate Floor, Monday, Senator Cruz ran through the history of the past several weeks, as the House attempted repeatedly to compromise with the Democrats.

“My view and the view of a great many Republicans is that ObamaCare is a disaster, a trainwreck, a nightmare,” Cruz declared.  “Nightmare is the term that was used by the Teamsters President, James Hoffa.”

He noted his own position is to repeal the law in its entirety, but that was not his starting position. “The House’s plan to Defund ObamaCare represented a compromise”, he maintained. They sent the CR to the Senate and the Democrats on a straight party line, voted to shut down the government. So then the House compromised a second time and rewrote the CR to delay ObamaCare. He noted that the House voted on the CR late last night, but the Senate stayed home, yesterday, so they voted it down on Monday in another straight party line vote.

John Cornyn weighed in, saying “Senator Reid is marching toward a government shutdown, and nothing the House does – nothing the House passes will deter him from shutting down the federal Government at midnight, tonight.”

Cruz released this clarifying statement later this afternoon:

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) released the following statement regarding the House effort to pass a Continuing Resolution:

“Some observers have mistakenly construed my comments on the Senate floor today as endorsing specific proposals that the House may be considering. I said nothing of the sort. Instead, I observed that it is the House that is working productively to keep the government running and, at the same time, to stop the enormous harms that Obamacare is visiting on the American people. And Harry Reid’s Senate is refusing to compromise, refusing to negotiate, and insisting on a path that leads inevitably to a government shutdown.

“Harry Reid should not shut down the government. Instead, as I urged on the Senate floor, the Senate should support the House.

“I have repeatedly stated that I will not vote for a CR that funds Obamacare, and I trust House conservatives to continue to listen to the people and act to prevent the Obamacare train wreck.'”

Cruz also vowed to donate his  salary to charity if Harry Reid forces government shutdown.

Today U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced his intention to donate his salary to charity for each day Majority Leader Harry Reid forces a government shutdown:

“Harry Reid should not force a government shutdown. I hope that Reid stops refusing to negotiate and works with the House to avoid a government shutdown, and, at the same time, prevent the enormous harms that Obamacare is inflicting on the American people.

“If, however, Harry Reid forces a government shutdown, I intend to donate my salary to charity for each day the government is shut down. Elected leaders should not be treated better than the American people, which is precisely why hardworking Americans deserve the same Obamacare exception that President Obama has already granted Members of Congress.”

Two hashtags to use if you’re on Twitter: #ObamaReidShutdown #BlameHarryReid

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