How The GOP Is Winning The Shut-Down Argument

Yesterday, Obama made the snort-worthy claim that throughout his presidency,  he’s “bent over backwards to work with the Republican Party and have purposely kept my rhetoric down.”

Obama in a campaign speech today: “You don’t negotiate by putting a gun to the other person’s head. Or worse yet, by putting a gun to the American peoples’ head.”

Those of us who have watched, appalled, at the Divider-in Chief’s  Chicago thug politics over the years can only shake our heads in disgust but not disbelief at his mendacity at this point.

Obama let slip his true feelings in an interview with NPR on Monday, when he said, he shouldn’t have to offer anything to Republicans in exchange for getting what he wants.

Obama stood with his party members in the Senate. Steve asked if that opportunity to avoid a shutdown exists, what was he willing to offer.

“Steve when you say what can I offer? I shouldn’t have to offer anything,” Obama said.

Hugh Hewitt found the Petulant One’s admission there to be no less than astonishing:

 Thus did the American public get a very candid glimpse of the president whose contempt for duly elected Republican opponents is exceeded only by his fecklessness in the face of America’s enemies abroad. To Putin and the Iranians come offers of all sorts. To the Speaker of the House, only ultimatums.

The President’s position is: – Do what I want, and if you don’t you’re to blame for whatever happens.

Including his decision to play the Social Security Trump Card. 

The president’s  no negotiations stance with Republicans is not polling well, but that hasn’t deterred him. He vowed once again today not To negotiate with Republican Hostage Takers…

And Dingy Blocked Funding For Veterans.

Via Washington Examiner:

Senate Democrats blocked four resolutions to fund government programs, including paying the National Guard and opening national parks, as Republicans offered the limited measures in an attempt to win the government shutdown fight by financing popular programs and leaving those they oppose untouched.

“Unbelievably, today Senate Democrats went on record to oppose funding for National Guard and Reserve salaries, veterans’ services, lifesaving medicine and cures, and national parks and museums,” Senate Republican Conference chairman John Thune, R-S.D., said in a release following the procedural battle.

They think America approves of this?

The Shut Down Theater featuring “the Barry-cades” has thus far been a public relations disaster for the Democrats. (The latest outrages, here.) And the divisive trash-talking and fear-mongering antics by Democrats and RINOs aren’t helping their cause, either.. 

With all that in mind, enjoy this “accidental” hot-mic moment from last evening between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul:

 “I Think We Can Win This Thing” 

“Yes We Can!”


Optics Fail: House Republicans Probe Parks and Monument ‘Shutdown Theater’ Closures


Video: WW II Vets Breach The Barriers, ‘Occupy’ The WWII Memorial

Via PJ media with Michelle Fields, this heartwarming video was at the WWII Memorial in Washington DC , yesterday –   the second of the US Government shutdown. Once again the WW II Veterans had to breech the barriers put up by the Obama Regime  in order to enjoy their memorial.

Louie Gohmert said, “for the first day, some bureaucrat said let’s spend money – send out barricades, prevent anyone from coming on.  They had to know they were inflicting harm on the WWII vets. They didn’t do it to some of the other parks. They knew that the Honor Flights were coming in, so you would figure – it’s pretty clear it was political to inflict hurt and say, ‘look what you’ve done.’

But once the barricades were removed,  and veterans came in yesterday, for them to then spend money to get  barricades back up, there is no question they intentionally meant to harm WWII veterans like you see so many of around here – the motivation is clear the second day, and we couldn’t let them be stopped, again.”

Gohmert concluded, “this administration welcomed and praised the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Washington movements, so I think it’s great to see these veterans have an ‘Occupy WWII Memorial.'”

Hat tip: White House Dossier. 

Video: Dr. Ben Carson Details his Encounters With The IRS After Prayer Breakfast Speech

At an event Monday night with business leaders and elected officials in Alabama, the former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon dropped this little nugget that was picked up by several conservative news outlets, “I had my first encounter with the IRS this year, unsurprisingly after the Prayer Breakfast.”

He appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, Wednesday night to elaborate on what happened.

“What did the IRS want,” O’Reilly asked. Carson answered that first the IRS wanted to investigate some investment properties that he had, but everything was on the up and up, so then they did a general audit of everything and found that  was okay, and then they decided to look into another year. It looks to me like they were on some kind of fishing expedition.

Carson said, “the fundamental issue here is that the freedom of our citizens is being threatened.” He opined that  this is a much more serious thing than Watergate or Iran/Contra or even Benghazigate. “Freedom of speech…freedom of expression is one of the major principles of our country,” Carson declared.

O’Reilly’s attempt to be fair and balanced by  giving the IRS the benefit of doubt was certainly laudable, but let’s be frank. Someone in the Regime wanted to make sure that  Dr, Carson paid for humiliating President Thin Skin  at that Prayer Breakfast, last February. That’s how these spiteful Fascists roll.