Saturday Movie Matinee: Did The GOP Just Discover They’re Winning?

The Daily Rushbo: Did The GOP Just Discover They’re Winning?

RUSH:  “We’re gonna win this, I think.  We’re gonna win this.”  You know Obama canceled the Asia trip?  I want to know who in the White House had the brains on that, ’cause that was a smart move.  I mean, if he goes over there and starts negotiating with all those people, the ChiComs and whoever else he was gonna meet with, and refuses to negotiate with the Republicans… I mean, don’t forget this is a guy that was elected because he was gonna end all of this, folks.

I’m telling you, I know it’s hard for you to believe.  If you just look at the media every day it’s hard to believe. You look at the media and think the Republicans are just getting hammered and hammered, my gosh, just relentless, but I’m telling you, Dingy Harry apologized for his nasty tone on the Senate floor.  “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid delivered a striking mea culpa on the Senate floor Friday as he opened the chamber, saying he and his colleagues have simply gotten too personal and nasty in their floor debates.”

Check out the results of this MSN poll (note the glaring lack of a Harry Reid choice):


Glenn Beck Bursts Out Laughing in Response to ‘Dolt’ Ed Schultz Calling Him ‘Dumbass’:

Now on a much more serious note…

Glenn Beck: ‘They Are Building a Thugocracy We’ve Passed Major ‘Signposts’ – Government Shutdown:

Shutdown Scare Tactics!, Make It Hurt!! Lou Dobbs Chalk Talk Wake The Hell Up America!

MediaiteAnn Coulter Gives GOP a Pass for Shutdown on Hannity ‘This Is 100% the Democrats’:

Mediaite: Mike Lee Opens Up About ‘Demeaning,’ ‘Unfair,’ ‘All Out Attack’ On Him And Ted Cruz By GOP:

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) opened up about a closed-door meeting he recently had with the Republican Senate colleagues in which both he and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) were “attacked.” Lee said that the terms used by his fellow Republicans to attack the two Senators were “demeaning.” He asked why, given that the details of the meeting were leaked to the press, that his GOP colleagues did not reveal their identities.”There was allegedly a Republican Senate Conference meeting earlier this week where your colleague, Ted Cruz, took a lot of slings and arrows,” Hewitt said.
“Normally, I don’t comment at all on closed-door meetings between Republican Senators,” Lee said. “It’s a pretty strict rule we have.However, Lee disclosed, the facts of that meeting was already revealed to the press. “It was an all-out attack against Ted Cruz and me,” Lee disclosed. “It was unflattering. It was unfair. It was demeaning.”It was demeaning to Senator Cruz and to me, but more than anything it was demeaning to those who engaged in the attacks,” he added.

Nonessential – A Sunny TV Featurette:

PJTV: President Obama Speaks With Iran’s Hassan Rouhani in First Direct Talk Since 1979:

The United States is talking with Iran for the first time since 1979. Secretary of State John Kerry says a deal to avert Iran’s nuclear program could be just a few months away. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Who do you trust? Let us know below.

Institute For Justice: Feds Raid Family Grocery Store’s Checking Account Over Innocent Bank Deposits:

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