Who Do You Think Students at U of CO Blame for the Government Shutdown? (Video)

This will be your feelgood story of the day/week maybe even month.

Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform asked random students at the (uber liberal)  University of Colorado who they think is to blame for the government shutdown.

Their answers will surprise you. No — they’ll shock you.

Via The Right Scoop

Where the heck were those kids in 2012?


Dingy Harry thinks the Dem plan to blame the shutdown on Republicans, is working swimmingly.

When the Mayor of DC accosted him about unlocking city funds for the District of Columbia, Wednesday, at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Dingy, ever protective of he and Obama’s Masterpiece Shutdown Theater hissed – “don’t screw it up!”

Hat tip: Brian B.

One thought on “Who Do You Think Students at U of CO Blame for the Government Shutdown? (Video)

  1. I must admit that coming out of a College Campus, I’m surprised at those results. Having said that. . .

    These polls that show that the Republicans are being held responsible by a larger margin than the dimoCraps or obozo, I just don’t believe. Perhaps at the very beginning, but not after ten days of this. Not when the AP releases that ridiculous Poll of obozo’s favorability rating of 37%, trying to hide the fact by embedding it in the middle of a article.

    The pettiness and thuggery of these clowns is being exposed more and more with each passing day and it’s starting to reflect in public opinion. The shut down of War Memorials, National Monuments while allowing “illegals” the opportunity to gather on the National Mall will come back an bite them in the ass, big time. Now add the absurdity of not paying “Death Benefits” to Service members families. . . . intentionally is more than any “Real American” will stand for!

    They will pay a price for this!


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