Streaming Live: House Energy And Commerce Committee Hearing: PPACA Implementation Failures: Didn’t Know or Didn’t Disclose?

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding a hearing inquiring into the breakdowns in the launch of ObamaCrash.

Via NPR:

The witness list is stocked with contractors in charge of the administration’s snake-bit health care insurance sign-up website. Here’s the lineup: Cheryl Campbell, senior vice president, CGI Federal; Andrew Slavitt, group executive vice president, Optum/Quality Software Services, Inc.; Lynn Spellecy, corporate counsel, Equifax Workforce Solutions; and John Lau, program director, Serco.

The Associated Press reports that the contractors in testimony prepared for the committee will attempt to shift blame for problems to the administration. Late changes and lack of coordination, they say, bollixed up the system.

This has been beared out in today’s testimony particularly when Republicans questioned the CGI execs on the troubling source code that The Weekly Standard  discovered on the federal website.

Buried in the source code of is this sentence that could prove embarrassing: “You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.”  Though not visible to users and obviously not intended as part of the terms and conditions, the language is nevertheless a part of the underlying code for the “Terms & Conditions” page on the site.

After creating an account on, users are asked to click an “I accept” button under some routine Terms & Conditions prohibiting unauthorized attempts to upload information or change the website.  Once users click the button, they may proceed to shop for insurance and enter detailed personal information.  However, when the Terms & Conditions page is visible, the hidden sentence mentioned above along with several others can be seen by using a web browser’s “View Source” feature.  A screen grab below shows the visible Terms & Conditions page along with a simultaneous view of the code underlying it:

This was the Regime’s call, we’re told.

Democrats huff Republicans are just scare-mongering because they don’t want millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions to get healthcare.

A CGI exec confirmed that   crashed October 1 with just 2,000 users online.

Update 9:50 Central:

Horrified Americans perhaps seeing Henry Waxman for the first time, are googling “Henry Waxman’s nose” and finding this old post from 2008.

Update 10:24 Central:

Tyler Durden‘s take on the hearing so far:

As the Congressional hearing, to apportion blame for the farce that Obamacare has already become, gathers steam the overwhelming theme from the four witnesses is “it’s not our fault,”and as much as the Congressmen dive deeply into the process, the more it is clear that the left hand had no idea what the right hand was doing in yet another government-funded SNAFU. The entire discussion can be summed up by CGI’s comments that “our portion of the application worked as designed.” Indeed, all of the contractors point the finger back at the government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as responsible for “end to end testing,” and ultimately the #fail.


There was some fireworks during the mostly dull proceedings when Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) blurted out “I will not yield to this “monkey court!” when another congressman wanted to get a word in about the privacy issues  at….

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