Oh – Apparently The White House Was The Source For Dick Durbin’s “Top House Republican” Smear

This is an update to yesterday’s story about Little Dick Durbin’s  October 20 Facebook post that had tongues wagging in Washington, this week.  Durbin wrote, “in a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you.’”

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Yesterday, the White House flatly denied that it happened, while Dick Durbin stood by his story.

Now, via Huffpo, we see that some sort of explanation  has been hashed out:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told his Democratic caucus last week in a private meeting that a top House Republican said to President Barack Obama, “I cannot even stand to look at you,” according to two Democratic senators who were present.

The account was confirmed by two Senate Democratic aides who said they independently learned of the exchange from other senators.

A White House official said Thursday that the administration did relay such a message to Reid, but that it was the result of a miscommunication.

“While the quote attributed to a Republican lawmaker in the House GOP meeting with the President is not accurate, there was a miscommunication when the White House read out that meeting to Senate Democrats, and we regret the misunderstanding,” the official said in a statement.

So Harry Reid was spreading lies, again, and the White House is covering his behind by saying it was a “miscommunication.” As if something like that can be miscommunicated.

Maybe what the White House really said was,  the top Republican (Pete Sessions, it turns out) LOOKED like he couldn’t even stand looking at Obama.”

Moe Lane reports that Rep. Pete Sessions is demanding an apology for the lie (which is two weeks old, it turns out), but thinks it’s unlikely he’ll get one:

SML Reid, Dick Durbin, and President Obama don’t really think that people who disagree with them are worth apologizing to.  Heck, I’m not certain these days whether any of them think that we’re really people. I know that that’s a horrible thing to say, but it’s based on their past behavior, so said horribleness is not exactly my problem.

And now the story is no longer operative and the White House needs to disavow it as best they can while everyone (except Republicans) keeps their integrity.

See, now the White House actually needs something from Congress, which means that it needs something from the House, which means that it needs something from the GOP.  Alas, Dick Durbin had already opened his mouth and repeated an internal-consumption lie that seemed a good idea at the time.  That had to be fixed. Quickly. And with no foolishness, for once. But also: no apology.  Merely… “regrets.”

8 thoughts on “Oh – Apparently The White House Was The Source For Dick Durbin’s “Top House Republican” Smear

  1. Hell I’ll even take a look these days. Well done Representative Sessions.

    BTW what type of insecurity does it take to notice such things?


  2. Love your stuff Deb BUT more wtf squirrel! Can’t get enough squirrel.

    I knew the moment the story surfaced and it went from Turbin to Dirty Harry, that it would end up with the wtf squirrel. Pretty little liars.


  3. Oh yeah, well at least harri weed never accused someone of being a tax cheat or not paying their taxes or something. After all, he wears those same “special under wears”. Can’t we just move along and forward?


  4. Who would like to read a biography of Deb’s progression from aggressive politically minded mommy, who became a blogger by no choice of her own, and ultimately to one of the best righty bloggers who does it only as a vent and embrace of passion?

    I think she should do a $.99 amazon gig, and us morons can push it reasonably.

    Hell, she should also Kickstart it, and I will be an investor, how about the rest of you?


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