Sebelius Testifies Before House Ways And Means Committee

Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is testifying before the House Energy & Commerce Committee, today about the ObamaCare debacle. Rep. Fred Upton chairs the committee and Rep. Henry Waxman serves as Ranking Member.

As expected, Democrats are circling the wagons, blaming insurance companies, hinting that a government run healthcare system is the way to go. Republicans have been reading letters from bummed out constituents…

via WashingtonPost

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Here’s Sebelius suggesting the website never crashed.

A point Republicans need to do a better job of making:

Twitter users having a lot of fun with Sebelius’ claim that the website never crashed….


Split screen of the week:


One thought on “Sebelius Testifies Before House Ways And Means Committee

  1. Nothing to see here. Just “Social Engineers” doing their “social engineering”. Which is a polite way of saying hubristically deciding what you “need” without asking and then manipulating, lying, and stealing to make it happen.

    Normally this is called criminal behavior rather than “social engineering”. But when you control what words mean to most people…


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