Gingrich Compares Obama to Clinton: “Obama Wants You To Feel His Pain” (Audio)

At a KMBZ luncheon in Overland Park, KS, Friday afternoon, former House Speaker Newt Ginrich described the president’s behavior at Democrat  Speaker Tom Foley’s memorial service, held last Saturday.

“Bill Clinton sits there – he waved at me once, Gingrich began, noting (to much laughter and applause) that he waved at his wife Calista three times. “Obama was sort of staring at the ceiling – enduring the time he had to spend with mere mortals.”

He went on compare and contrast the men’s speeches.

Clinton gave a fine, entertaining speech – “a perfect Clinton performance and you were totally absorbed…” and then “Obama got up and gave a relatively wooden speech”, Gingrich said.  “I suddenly realized watching the two of them in such a short time – Clinton felt your pain….Obama would like you to feel his pain.”

“To be under our constitutional system, a president has to be able to work with Congress,” Gingrich continued. “Clinton understood this. He’d been a governor – he had spent 12 years dealing with legislatures.  We would fight all morning and then we’d negotiate all afternoon.” What the current president does, Gingrich declared, is he “fights all morning, and then golfs.”

“He has zero capacity to understand the other person”, Gingrich explained. “You can’t learn the city of Washington from Mount Olympus.”

(Listen for the audio. I was sitting on a far side of the room, with no clear view of the former speaker.)

Saturday Movie Matinee: Cancer Patient Resigned To Die Now That Insurance Plan Has Been Canceled

Obamacare Makes Cancer Patient’s Insurance So Expensive He’s Decided To Die:

A South Carolina man was diagnosed with cancer and his old insurance was providing him with the doctors and treatment he needed, but that insurance has been cancelled because Obamacare regulations. His new options are so expensive that he’s decided to give up and “let nature take its course” rather than put his family under the financial strain of paying for the new insurance that Obamacare requires.

Bernie Goldberg: After Years of Being ‘Stenographers,’ Media Gets ‘No Credit’ for Turning on Obama:

Communism Is Alive & Well In America – David Horowitz – Lou Dobbs – Hannity 11-06-1:

Dr. Daniel Daves had a dream in 2008 which he considers from God. In the dream, a secret service man told him plainly that COMMUNISM was the greatest threat to America. In 2008, no one was talking about Communism. Today, the story is much, much different. Horowitz reveals that Obamacare is COMMUNISM, plain and simple. It’s time to get Dr. Daves’ book, “WARNING AMERICA: Attempted Hostile Takeover Exposed” which tells the details about the three part dream in 2008.

What I’m trying to write in this book called The Black Book of the American Left is the story of how the communist movement marched into the Democrat Party after ’68 behind the McGovern campaign, have taken over the apparatus of the party, and are tolerated by people in that party, so that there’s…

 What is Obamacare? And single payer? Why do we call it single payer? It’s communism. If the government controls your access to health care which is what this is about, as to what you can have and to what you can’t have, how is that different from– that is communism. 

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A very unusual statement from the Israel prime minister on the eve of a possible nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran:

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