Jeanine Pirro: ‘Hold On To You Wallets – The ObamaCare Scams Are About To Begin!’ (Video)

Judge Jeanine Pirro opened her show, Sunday night, focusing on the security issues plaguing ObamaCrash.

“What you haven’t heard much about the dark side – the underbelly of,” she began. “The truth? Millions of unwitting Americans like you are being teed up for identity theft and fraud, by con men -criminals –  lying in wait for the motherload. for millions of you to sign up on that website….that is…. once it’s functional.”

Even convicted felons can get the job as a navigator to enter information onto the malfunctioning website. A prior conviction for theft? Check. A prior conviction for fraud? Check. A prior conviction for identity theft. No problem! Welcome to!”

And then she hammered Obama for knowingly perpetrating a lie and  a fraud on the American people by making a promise that he knew couldn’t be kept.

“You accused Republicans of putting as gun to the heads of Americans”, she noted. “According to an explosive report, you knew and your administration knew that up to 75% of the people would not be able to keep their plans. And you knew this for 3 years as you continued to insist and proliferate your lie. That everyone could keep their health plan if they liked it. PERIOD. So Mr President, you object to your opponents of ObamaCare who you say negotiate by putting a gun to the American peoples’ heads…..Did you perpetrate a lie to the American people? Is that how you negotiate?”

Pirro had Homeland Security Committee member Rep. Pat Meehan (R-PA), on to talk about the security concerns with

Maria Silva, Battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer joined Pirro to talk about being dropped from her insurance plan. 

Pirro asked her what she is going to do.

Silva said matter of factly, “I’m getting concerned that I won’t have the care I need to survive…”