Saturday Movie Matinee: The Hammer of Reality and the End of ObamaCare

Bill Whittle PJTV Afterburner: The Hammer of Reality:

Bam! Bam goes the hammer. People receive cancellation notices from their insurance companies. Bam! Obama is exposed as a liar. Bam! Reid and Pelosi were in on it. Bam! When times are bleak for conservatives, we have one inalienable tool–the hammer of reality…

Another exceptional commentary by Whittle:

Charles Krauthammer on the Kelly File: Barack Obama’s Broken Promises:

Syndicated Columnist and best-selling Author, Dr. Charles Krauthammer joins Megyn Kelly to discuss his take on the overall affect Barack Obama’s broken promises will have going forward for the entire Democrat Party in the future.

Lee Doren, How the Word Works: President Obama is Sorry?!

SenatorSessions: Sessions Explains History Behind Reid’s Suppression Of Senators’ Rights:

“[The Majority Leader] gets the right of first recognition in the Senate, and there are only a certain number of amendments that can be put on the amendment tree. He fills all those slots—we call it filling the tree—and then no one else can get an amendment up that the Majority Leader doesn’t approve. It is really unbelievable. And like frogs in warming water, we don’t even realize the pan we are in has about got us cooked…

So Senator Reid fills the tree… This is unacceptable. So Republicans say: ‘We’re not going to end debate on the bill until we have a legitimate opportunity to file amendments…’

So we have this spectacle of members of the United States Senate—United States Senators from great states all over America—hat in hand, bowing before the Majority Leader, pleading that he allow them to have their amendment up for a vote. It is really not right. It is an alteration of the whole concept of the free and open debate the Senate is all about. I truly believe that it is, and we are going to have to stop it.”

PJ Media: ZoNation: ZoNATION: Oprah Orders More Whine On The Race Card:

Oprah has raised the debt ceiling on the race card. Even though she’s got enough money to swipe that card ’til it smokes. Funny how the wealth she has mostly comes from her white fans, but somehow it’s racism that’s causing Obama to fail. It can’t possibly be his policies. Be sure to check out Zo’s Audio Book to get insight on promoting conservatism in the culture and letting the liberals trip over their own nasty narrative.

 GOPICYMI: MSNBC: Obama Poll Numbers At All Time Lows, Dragging Down 2014 Democrats:

Charles Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Paper Tiger’ For 2016:

ReasonTV: Daisy Ad 2013: Senate Filibuster Nuclear Option Remix:

Acrobatic Gymnastics Worlds 2010 Ukraine WG Combined:

Watch this jaw-dropping routine…