CATO Health Policy Expert: ‘Halperin Was Right The First Time’ – Politifact ‘Completely Wrong’ on IPAB aka ‘Death Panels’ (Video)

Michael Cannon of Cato Institute’s Health Policy Studies appeared on the Kelly File to discuss the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) aka  “Death Panels”.

Cannon explained that the point of the IPAB was to “reduce  Medicare spending  by lowering the prices Medicare pays to doctors and hospitals….and supporters of the law acknowledge this….the power to set price is the power to ration.”

And the IPAB, he argued, “can even go beyond that. I can, despite a prohibition on rationing that’s in the statute, it can tell seniors, ‘you’re not going to get specific treatments'” because “the prohibition against rationing is absolutely unenforceable – it is toothless. The IPAB can do whatever it wants and it’s going to take 60 votes in the Senate to override and block what the IPAB does.”

Although he called the term “death panel” inflammatory, Cannon said, the rationing is baked into the cake as Halperin said. “It’s part of Obama’s plan, and he’s not been honest with the American people about it.”

As for Halperin’s recent waffling on the issue, Cannon said, “he wants to sell books to Democrats and he wants to sell books to Republicans, and so he doesn’t want to alienate either side, and I understand that….but he had it right the first time…”

He went on to slam Politifact for calling Sarah Palin’s Death Panels comment, “the lie of the year,” as I recently noted, here. “Politifact didn’t know what they were talking about! Politifact got that completely wrong – fact checkers get things wrong all the time! But what they have been able to do is shame people – like Halperin – out of having a rational discussion about these issues…”

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Peace In Our Time Edition

turkey Obama

Ah, Thanksgiving..or more accurately this year, an interesting occurrence called Thanksnukkah, as Thanksgiving and Hannukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights and miracles overlap in a rare convergence that won’t happen again for some 70,000 years or so, thanks to Judaism’s lunar calender. The culinary possibilities are endless…latkes with pumpkin fillings, you name it. But for some interesting ideas for your Thanksgiving meal, I’ve provided a little something for you, an automatic Thanksgiving menu generator.Try it, it’s fun, even if someone still has to do the actual cooking.

Our president is involved in the festivities as well, giving generously to our new Iranian friends and engaging in the old tradition of giving a presidential pardon to two turkeys. This years’ recipients of the president’s full pardon are named Holder and Sebelius.

I may have gotten some of the details on that last part just a bit wrong…I think.

In any event, we here at the Council wish all of you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, and Chag Hannukah Sameach to those of you whom celebrate it.

And of course, a special Thanksgiving wish to those members of our American family whom are spending the holidays away from home and their families and protecting the rest of us so that we can fully enjoy our holiday in peace and freedom with our loved ones. You are not forgotten,believe me.

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