Judge Jeanine: Mr. President ‘Are You Proud Of Yourself?’ (Video)

Judge Jeanine raked Obama over the coals again Saturday night (as is her wont) for lying about the status of the still glitchy healthcare.gov, and dismissing the insurance cancellation notices of millions of Americans – many of whom have pre-existing conditions. She brought up the case of  Maria Silva, a stage four terminal cancer patient who was dropped from her plan right before her next round of chemo.

“Maria wants new insurance, but she hasn’t been able to get on healthcare.gov, she’s tried to make phone calls to get more insurance, but she can’t even reach anyone, and there’s not a navigator in sight – and so she waits…”

“Mr. President”, Pirro continued, “with all due respect, that pre-existing illness thing? She’s got it! And now because of you, she’s got no insurance, and she’s got no life saving treatment. Staring straight into the camera, Pirro added, “are you proud of yourself?”

She went on to question how many other *Americans with pre-existing conditions had lost their insurance. “How many people in the middle class are facing the loss of medical care or the loss of everything they ever worked for because YOU had a hair-brained scheme that you were simply not competent enough to execute? Pirro thundered. “How many people like Maria are scrambling to find insurance in this deadly game of Beat the Clock? How many people who have lost their  insurance because of you, like Maria, are trying to find someone to give them the medical care that they need to save their lives. But you’re not worried.  According to you – only a few Americans will lose their health care.”

Pirro had a few choice words for Jay Carney, whom she called Obama’s “Chief minion” – “Mr Integrity himself” and  “that truth-telling man of honor.” She played a clip of him downplaying the number of people losing their plans, and reacted with visceral disgust. “Mr. President…do you really allow your staff to go out on national television and tell us to our faces not to worry? It’s only 5% of you who’ve lost your insurance and are possibly in this limbo?” She asked plaintively, “are we Americans that expendable to you and your staff?!”

She concluded her stem-winder chiding him for lying about covering illegal immigrants – and invoking Uncle Omar – which brought us full circle back to another example of Obama being unwilling to tell the truth…

Judge Jeanine had on Dr. Ben Carson to talk about the botched rollout.

“It seems to me that if the government wants to fix a program , why not offer something that is so good that people flock to it – rather than something that you have to twist peoples’ arms to go into it. Isn’t that America has always been? How America was established?” the good doctor said. “The system works against itself and I’m not sure that anyone has put a lot of thought into this thing. I think it was more of an issue of ‘ what can we put together quickly’ in order to gain control of healthcare.”

In a segment to discuss the failed rollout, Pirro had on Jordan Sekulow of the ACLJ and Dr. Nina Radcliff, a practicing physician.

*Important notice via insurance broker, C. Steven Tucker: If you lost your health plan there are alternatives to Obamacare.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have received a health insurance policy cancellation notice due to to the PPACA – “Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare). You do not have to purchase the expensive “Medal” (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) plans that are offered inside the PPACA – HIX – “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace”. If you are one of the lucky few who have actually been able to access the HealthCare.gov web site you already know that the cheapest plan available – the “Bronze” plan – exposes couples and families to $12,700 in out of pocket risk each year. And that is if you stay within the limited PPO or HMO networks that these “Qualified Health Plans” offer. We still do not know the risk exposure if you seek treatment outside of these networks. One thing is for certain, your out of pocket risk exposure will be greater out of network.

Read his full post at the link.

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