Sebelius’ Testimony at ObamaCare Hearing Frustrates Republicans (Video)

At a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing to access the progress of, an evasive HHS Sec. Sebelius frustrated Republicans with non-answers, obfuscations, and ridiculous fibs.

She couldn’t tell Rep Pitts, the Chairman of the committee,  how many ObamaCare signups have actually paid for plans.

Representative Joe Pitts (R-PA) asked  about the more than 5 million Americans who have lost their health insurance because of Obamacare. She responded, “I don’t know where the 5 million number comes from.”

Constituents from all across the nation have been sharing their ObamaCare horror stories at

She couldn’t tell Rep Whitfield how many regulations ObamaCare has created.

She told Rep. Burgess (R-TX) Obamacare Enrollment Hub ‘Has Worked Beautifully from start to finish’:

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Il) got very frustrated with the HHS Sec because of her refusal to provide a national list of of insurance providers who cover and who don’t cover “abortion services,” after she promised to get him the list.  He said, we need that list today, because “folks are shopping, now.”

She told him that all the plans are mandated by law to list abortion services, but Shimkus reminded her that at the last hearing he “held up numerous policies that did not explain that..”

He got further frustrated when he tried to get her to admit that the mandates the law has imposed on insurance companies are causing premiums go up.

“When you mandate coverage it’s rolled directly on premiums; as the premiums increase, that’s paying for the services. You cannot say these are free of charge.”

Sebelius responded by saying that “consumers will not have a co-pay or a deductible…”

“Will you admit they will have a higher premium?” Shimkus interrupted.

Sebelius answered, “no, I will not,” despite the well known fact that millions of Americans have seen their health insurance premiums and deductibles skyrocket since Obamacare’s implementation.

Through Shimkus’ crosstalk, she continued,  “I think what a lot of actuaries will tell you is…if you have preventive care and prevent a costly hospital stay…cancer…down the line, then that cost actually lowers the premium – doesn’t raise it.”

Shimkus said, “we just going to agree to disagree,” then blurted, “It’s like talking to…the Republic of Korea, or something,” (meaning the People’s Republic of Korea.)

A shouting match between Shimkus and another congressman ensued until the committee chair shut it down: “The gentleman will suspend. The gentleman will suspend. Give the secretary time to answer the question.”

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers had no luck getting a straight answer from Sebelius when she asked her about Obama’s promise that everyone would be able to keep their doctors under ObamaCare.

“Why in the world did the president make that promise to the American people?” she asked as Sebelius obfuscated.

Meanwhile….Democrats shift strategy on ObamaCare ahead 2014 elections:

 House Republicans released this video, Wednesday ahead of Sebelius’ testimony: Broken promises. Canceled plans. Increased premiums. What’s next?

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