Pat Caddell Slams Republicans: “They Don’t Know How To Finish The Kill!” (Video)

Fox News’ Political Insiders Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, and John LeBoutillier with Gregg Jarrett discussed the budget deal, the nuke deal, Obama’s scandals, his pathetic “selfie” with the Prime Ministers of Denmark and Great Britain, and the the “rolling disaster” of ObamaCare, Sunday afternoon.

You can guess what the panel (2 democrats and 1 moderate Repub) thought of the budget deal, and Boehner’s attack on House conservatives, given their oft stated opinions on the government shutdown back in October (it was a political disaster for Republicans.) One good point that Caddell made was that Republicans need to unify behind a positive message.

LeBoutillier added that Republicans need to be prepared to answer this question, next year; “if the Democrats are thrown out, what are you going to do to fix this mess of ObamaCare?”

They went over the latest abysmal polls for ObamaCare. One astonishing WSJ/NBC poll shows that only 35% of the people ObamaCare was meant to help – the uninsured – say that the health care law is “a good idea.” 50% say it’s a bad idea. Those numbers have flipped over the past month, Caddell said. Jarret noted that “22% of people polled say that they’ll enroll, but a huge majority say, ‘we’re not going to have anything to do with this.'”

Caddell said Republicans need their own plan to offer as an alternative to the ObamaCare  “rolling disaster”.

After the break, they moved on to Obama’s many scandals and how Boehner has totally dropped the ball on doing anything about them. “They’re not aggressively pursuing them,” LeBoutillier said. “Benghazi is not political. It’s death and wounding of Americans in a terrorist act.  We have 177 Republicans (who) have signed legislation for a select committee and Speaker ignores it!”

Caddell piped in, “look, you have 2/3 of the country that believes we need a select committee, 60%…the IRS are going after conservative groups again….it’s a key to ObamCare…”

Echoing what I have been saying since May, Caddell continued, “here’s the problem –  when they have Obama on the ropes – look at Republicans! – They don’t know how to finish the kill –  with him on the ropes with ObamaCare, that’s when these things would really kill him – but they surrender.”

Yep. I’ll never understand it as long as I live. It’s why we call them the Stupid Party.

Video via Johnny Dollar;

See Also:

Michael Goodman, The NY Post: How the West was lost by the selfie president:

It’s official — the government of the United States of Obama consists of boobs and bores and is led by a narcissist. It is no consolation that Great Britain joins us in racing to the bottom.

President Obama’s flirting with Denmark’s prime minister would be shameful on any occasion. That it happened at the memorial for Nelson Mandela only adds to the embarrassment.

But the “selfie” episode also symbolizes the greater global calamity of Western decline. With British prime minister David Cameron playing the role of Obama’s giggling wingman, the “look at me” moment confirms we have unserious leaders in a dangerously serious time.

Iran marches toward nuclear weapons and already there is talk in military circles that a nuclear-armed Iran could mean mushroom clouds in the Mideast within five years.

China is flexing its muscles throughout Asia, its ships brazenly confronting ours on the high seas. Russia is expanding its writ in the Arab lands and in Eastern Europe while making casual threats about bombing America. Syria’s Assad uses chemical weapons and Obama and Cameron rattle little sabers before meekly agreeing to become his partner.


5 thoughts on “Pat Caddell Slams Republicans: “They Don’t Know How To Finish The Kill!” (Video)

  1. The establishment GOP thinks that the purpose of politics is to govern, while liberals believe that the purpose of politics is to win. That’s why the GOP keeps losing. Unless they start fighting to win so they can drive a stake through the heart of blood-sucking vampire people call progressivism, they will continue to lose.


  2. They need to be doing just the bare minimum of governing so they can focus on two things – unifying behind, and then aggressively pushing their own alternative to ObamaCare, and investigating the shit out of the Regime.
    There is so much Republicans could be doing if only the leadership would get on board.

    I don’t want this duck just lame – I want him completely hobbled. There’s a House resolution authorizing a congressional lawsuit against the executive branch with only 30 sponsors, so far. Where’s the leadership on this?

    Like Caddell said, Republicans just don’t seem to have the killer instinct.


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