Tom Coburn’s Wastebook Report Finds Ft. Hood Shooter Has Been Paid Benefits – His Victims Have Not (Video)


Senator Tom Coburn released the 2013 edition of the annual Wastebook on Capitol Hill today and as usual, it is filled with enraging  examples of  federal spending. The most egregious among the findings: Mass Murderer Nidal Hassan Received $278K from government while his victim’s families received bupkis.

The worst examples  from the report:

– The State Department spent $630,000 to “buy fans” on Facebook and Twitter.

– The USDA shelled out $415,000 on fine wines in China.

– Though it hasn’t paid out death benefits to the Fort Hood victims’ families, DOD paid the shooter, Nidal Hasan, $278,000 in benefits before his guilty verdict.

– The Army National Guard paid $10 million for “Superman” movie tie-ins.

– A million bucks since 2010 from the National Endowment of the Humanities has been used to explore multimedia romances throughout history.

– The USDA cut housing assistance for the elderly while subsidizing more than 100 homes – at $500,000 each – within walking distance of the ocean in Hawaii.

– And last on our list, but certainly not least: $319 million was spent to build the problematic It is expected that the government will spend at least twice that much on advertising and publicity for ObamaCare.

I don’t know if my outrage meter can go any higher.


Tom Coburn was a guest on Greta Van Sustern’s Fox show, On the Record, Tuesday night:


Gowdy Says He’d Like To Prosecute Fraudulent O-Care Navigators Himself -Carney Blasts Repubs For “Sabotaging O-Care”

Monday afternoon,  the  Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a field hearing at the Charles Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas to answer the question – who are the  navigators and what is their role in Obamacare?

In an oped for The Dallas Morning News, Rep Pete Sessions Congressional (R-TX) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) indicated their reason for choosing Texas for their hearing:

Disturbingly, news reports from the last four weeks have highlighted numerous examples of fraudulent activity related to health navigators in Texas.

The congressmen were referring to  Project Veritas’ investigative videos in Texas showing Obamacare Navigators counseling applicants on how to lie about on how to lie on government forms, evade legal requirements, and ignore proper procedures. As a result of O’Keefe’s investigation into ObamaCare fraud, 5 Navigators have been fired, suspended, or resigned. 

Congressman Trey Gowdy, (R-SC), a member of the Oversight and Reform Committee appeared on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,”  Monday night, to discuss the ObamaCare navigator issue.

“There are at least two tapes that I’m aware of”,  Gowdy told Greta. “One was lie about your finances, and the other was lie about your pre-existing habit of smoking …which would impact your premium and your subsidy.”

Greta read the House report about the incidents, and asked Gowdy if it had been referred to the DOJ or the local district attorney.

“Oh I doubt it”,  Gowdy replied. Nothing much seems to get referred these days for criminal prosecution, I don’t even know if they lost their job, Greta. I know the young lady who made the mistake of answering Sean Hannity’s questions on the phone lost her job…..But there’s no background check. There’s 20 hours of training. You undergo more training to be a lifeguard at a reflection pool than you do to become a navigator – and you can take the test as many times as you need to. Think how well we would have done in school, if we could  just keep taking the test until you pass it. So the whole navigator thing — it’s a shame that you have to have a navigator to access a federal program to begin with. Then no background check, 20 hours of training, you can take the test as many times as you want and then you can council people to commit fraud once you want to enroll.”

“We’ve got a lot of issues in this country – morality being one of them”, Gowdy continued. “I just can’t believe that ….taxpayers are paying the salary of someone who is counseling someone to further defraud taxpayers out of money.”

He went on to say that he would like to prosecute the case, himself.

Greta asked Gowdy about the  congressional subpoenas  to Obamacare contractors and he told her he’d like to see an investigation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius instructed contractors for the website to ignore subpoenas  from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, reasoning that the contracts prevented the contractors from sharing information with third parties.

“I’ve got news for Secretary Sebelius: Congress is not a third party,” said Gowdy.

Via Newsmax: 

Gowdy and others have argued that Congress is a co-equal branch of government and is entitled to see any documents the executive branch has.

Two contractors already have decided to comply, Gowdy said, and he expects Mitre Corp.  to do the same. Mitre President Alfred Grasso sent a letter to the committee’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., explaining why his company could not comply.

Even if all eventually share their documents, Gowdy wants Issa to investigate Sebelius anyway.

“If you counsel someone to impede a congressional investigation, even if they don’t take your advice,” he said, “I would still love to see it investigated.”

“SABOTAGE!” Jay Carney charged at his White House briefing, Monday afternoon, in response to a reporter’s question about the Oversight and Reform field hearing in Texas.

“This is just one more data point in the Republican obsession with sabotaging ObamaCare”, Carney sneered, sounding to all the world like a basement dwelling Kos Kid, or at least an MSNBC prime time host. Referring to his notes, he continued his lecture: “all navigators must complete about 20 hours of training (less than reflection pool lifeguards, as Gowdy sagely noted), and this training is not a one time only process – navigators have regular refresher opportunities where they can share updates, receive information,  and address issues as they are in the process of HELPING people in their communities. (Well damn – they will “share updates”, “receive information” and “address issues”. What the hell were we worried about?) All navigators must complete their training and pass course exams (as many damn times as it takes) to ensure appropriate understanding of relevant exchange related information – which includes privacy issues…”

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Wha – huh? Oh, sorry, I dozed off there.

Carney Continued, “Navigators are required to comply with privacy and security standards, and they should not obtain information without the consumer’s consent.” Yeah, clearly there isn’t a problem, here.

And these knuckle dragging troglodyte Republicans – how dare they criticize these selfless Americans who are endeavoring to better their communities by helping people sign up for ObamaCare.

The same guy who called the IRS, DOJ and Benghazi scandals “phony” and  “pretend”,  lashed out at Republicans for attacking navigators like “the folks at the University of AR, the Epilepsy Foundation of FL.,  the Visiting Nurse Service of IA”, etc. etc. All good, kind, noble people “who are engaging in an effort to help Americans who want health insurance – get it!”

I can testify to the fact that there was a training event at the University of Central Arkansas – complete with an exciting condom prize give-away – because I covered the grotesquerie  at Breitbart News, last month.

The organizer told the  attendees , “so when you’re leaving, you can stop by my table and I’ll give you whatever — condoms — that box has a bunch in it. Anyway … Our corporation, LA Corp … And I’m waiting on my dental dams and female condom order that still hasn’t come in. If you ever need condoms, let me know because we have thousands — boxes of magnums, we get magnums a lot. So here is the prize table.”

Yes, this happened:

Thanks for reminding me of that, Jay. It’s all so – so – wonderful that our communities are being HELPED by sex-obsessed  Obama cultists.

Jay said, “it’s pretty evident upon scrutiny, (the WH’s propganda) that this is an effort to…in a partisan way – sabotage the Affordable Care Act – it’s in keeping with a long line of efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act.” (Why isn’t he calling it ObamaCare, now? Is it because all that Republican sabotage caused the ACA to suck so much, they don’t want the president’s name associated with it?)

Nice try, Carney — You putz.

Investigating this corrupt Regime’s screw-ups and malfeasance isn’t “sabotage”. It’s called government “oversight,” and we need it now, more than ever.