Video: Rand Paul Files Suit Against Obama and the NSA


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is leading a class-action with lawsuit with hundreds of thousands of Americans against Obama and the NSA over its spying on the American people.

Sen. Paul will be discussing the lawsuit in an exclusive appearance on Fox News with host Eric Bolling at 10 PM ET on Friday. Breitbart News has learned that Paul will file the class action lawsuit soon in the D.C. District Court and that he will be filing it as an individual, not as a U.S. Senator. For a U.S. Senator to file a such a class action lawsuit against the President of the United States would be extremely rare.

This lawsuit allows the American people to join together in a grassroots manner against President Obama’s NSA with a sitting U.S. Senator at the helm. Two prior class action lawsuits were filed in June. Classes have not yet been certified in those cases.

Ken Cuccinelli is leading the legal team with the hopes of taking it to the Supreme Court.

During his appearance on Fox News, Eric Bolling asked Paul if he was worried that he was being monitored by the NSA and other agencies.

The Kentucky Senator replied, “The potential for abuse exists. Think about it in this context – we now have an administration that has used the IRS to go after people who are of conservative political bent or have certain religious beliefs. So they’ve already shown that they will use what is supposed to be impartial – the IRS – to do it… it leads me to wonder and worry whether or not they would use the NSA that way.”

Yes, Virginia – there is a Big Brother. And he may be watching you – especially if you’re a a member of a tea party or pro-life group.

Rand was careful to note, “I have no proof that they have, but I am concerned that it could be abused. But I’m also concerned that even if a president isn’t going to abuse a power, I’m concerned that the president thinks he has the power to collect all our records.”


One thought on “Video: Rand Paul Files Suit Against Obama and the NSA

  1. Finally someone with the courage and fortitude to stand up for what is right and legal. Go Rand!

    Is there something that I am missing when it comes to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ?

    How the hell does that apply to U.S. Citizens who are given the protection of the 4th Amendment {amongst others }to the U.S. Constitution? When George Bush was beaten over the head about the FISA issue, libs were screaming about the violation of the Constitution. We were all told then that “domestic” information was only gathered and collected IF the Calls, Emails or other material originated overseas and ended up within the confines of our borders.

    As more and more information comes out and leaked from especially Edward Snowden, we now learn that wasn’t true and still today we are being lied too about what is collected on U.S. Citizens in violation of the Law. There are many people who I really admire out there who disagree with me on this, but i think this is a major concern for the “powers to be” about what Snowden is going to leak next. I also don’t think their major concern is what we collect on our Allies and if they find out, they are really concerned about a general uprising IF and when U.S. Citizens find out what their government is collecting and holding on them. That is their real concern.

    Does anyone really believe that Snowden would’ve been given a appropriate forum to disclose this information if he had elected to go the whistle blower route, instead of fleeing? If you do, I have some land for sale, at a real cheap price.


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