Judge Jeanine Torches Obama For Going After the Little Sisters of the Poor (Video)

Judge Jeanine started her show, Saturday night with a lengthy list of New Year’s resolutions for the country (pretty much Obama, actually) culminating in her wish for a country that respects religious freedom.

Then she addressed Obama directly: “Mr President”, Pirro purred, “now that you’re back from your Hawaiin vacation, how’d you hit em? How’s that  handicap? You come back, and you try to take away from the Little Sisters of the Poor – a 175 year old religious organization that cares for low income elderly who are dying –  their right to exercise their 1st Amendment freedom of religion.”

She continued, “you PROMISED the Catholic church you would not, under Obamacare, force those with religious objections to provide contraception to employees, which of course,  is contrary to their fundamental beliefs and their exercise of religion. In spite of your promise, you’re spending millions in legal fees to force the Little Sisters of the Poor, who spend their lives serving the sick and the elderly, to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients to their employees?!”

The judge marveled that the president, supposedly a constitutional scholar, refuses to exempt the Little Sisters of the Poor from the contraception mandate. “YOU!” She exclaimed incredulously.  “The same guy who grants exemptions and waivers left and right to unions, political buddies, bundlers…..but not to the women who devoted their lives to God and caring for the sick?!”

Concluding her opening statement, she declared, “Mr. President, it’s 2014, and we are NOT getting off to a good start.”

She had on the Pastor of the Church of the Holy Family, Father Gerald Murray, to talk about the case.”

“The message here is, if you like your religion, you can’t keep it”, Father quipped. “That is a horrible message from the president of the United States and members of his administration.”

She had the always excellent Trey Gowdy on to talk about the widely panned NYTs Benghazi report, and the Regime’s attack on the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Always good for a few good soundbites, Gowdy quipped, “up until two weeks ago, Susan Rice was the only person on the planet who thought that a video had something to do with the attack, and now that number has increased by 100% – it’s gone from one to now two.”

On the HHS mandate, he said “this is not a complicated legal analysis…..legally they lose and you would think a constitutional law scholar would know that.”

“This is not about the law – it’s about politics”, Gowdy explained. “They want us to carry the burden of persuasion for political reasons.”

He pointed out that “the last time this administration went before the Supreme Court on a religious liberty case, it was Hosanna Tabor,  and it was nine to nothing against the administration. You can’t get the Supreme Court to agree nine to nothing on which direction the sun rises…but nine to nothing they said the administration was wrong.”

” It’s not about the law”, he reiterated, “it’s about politics and trying to gin up this manufactured ‘war on women,”  and shame on us if we let them get away with it.”

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What more, had there not been a firestorm of media disapproval – with some even calling on MSNBC to fire MHP — there would have been no apologies forthcoming because she and her guests would not have known that what they did, was wrong. We can only hope that they have learned something from the experience, and judging from MHP’s demeanor, I reckon that she at least, has.