Doug Schoen: ‘The Only Thing This President Believes In – Is Himself’ (Video)

Fox News Political insiders John Leboutillier, Doug Schoen, and Pat Caddell joined  Harris Faulkner, Sunday evening to talk about Iraq, Iran, and the NSA.

Starting with the unfortunate situation in Iraq, Faulkner said, “Fallujah isn’t just some city…this is a city we spent American lives and treasure to secure.”

Democrat pollster Doug Schoen took the bait. “It is both symbolic and critically important because it is the clearest sign, yet, that our democratic experiment that we worked so hard for and we gave so many lives to is falling apart in Iraq as the Sunni/Shiite fighting continues.”

“The sad thing is,” Schoen continued, “it’s being replicated across the Middle East. There isn’t an American presence.”

Faulkner asked Leboutillier what he thought Kerry meant when he said we would respond,  “but you’re not going to see US combat troops put in harm’s way.”

“It means he’s the guy who said he voted for the war before he voted against the war”, Leboutillier answered. “Like Obama, they’re on every side of everything in the Middle East and the number reason the Middle East is in the flux that it’s in, is because the United States is no longer seen as a stable something where we stand by somebody. He noted that instead of standing with  “the Egyptian military, the Israeli government, the Saudi royal family,” our allies,  ” we’ve sold out every one of them. The only thing this president believes in…is himself. He doesn’t believe in any other governments and leaders, and he’s betrayed all of them, and that’s now coming home to roost.”

Leboutillier went on to say that the Kerry/Obama agenda for the second term is to make as many deals as possible – “they want things to talk about other than ObamaCare…and they think any deal is a success – but the Syrian arms deal? Not working out. The Iranian arms deal? Not working out. The Afghan withdrawl agreement? Not working out.

Faulkner asked an  incisive question about Iraq; “you know, it’s interesting…Republicans had to drag around the albatross of the Iraq war for years, but finally when it was over, we were told we had victory, there. So does this mean that this president has lost the war that we formerly won?”

Schoen, said, “I think he’s losing the war, he’s losing the geopolitical battle…bottom line, Russia under Vladimir Putin and the Chinese are ascendant…”

Pat Caddell showed up for the last third of the show, to join the discussion on Edward Snowden.

RE the dust-up between Rep. Peter King and Rand Paul.: I would suggest that establishment figures like Peter King and Chris Christy are going to be left in the dust during the primaries in 2016 because of this issue. The NSA is highly unpopular with Democrats and Republicans alike, so the Republican who supports the status quo with NSA spying on everyone, will not be our nominee. And the candidate who is most vocal about reforming the NSA will likely be the next president, because he will win the youth vote,

Video via Johnny Dollar’s Place:


2 thoughts on “Doug Schoen: ‘The Only Thing This President Believes In – Is Himself’ (Video)

  1. Who in the world are these 40% that approve of Obama? 40%?? I know you’ll always have the “I saw Elvis” number of say 15% but 40%? I don’t believe that that many people aren’t paying attention-he’s a disgrace.


  2. Obama has grown the number of people dependent on government – they will vote “in their own interest.” Then there are the fellow travelers – Democrat Socialists – who are also growing in number. Then there are the people who will support Obama no matter what he does based on the color of his skin. And then there’s the most dangerous group of all — the lofos.

    If a Republican were doing the same type of things and presiding over the same mess as Obama – he’s be in the tens – if that.

    This is why the right will always at a disadvantage. There are too many foolish people out there driving this thing.


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