An Attempt At Climate Change Humor


In the mood for some climate change humor? Let me dazzle you with my brilliant wit:

Dallas — A so-called heat wave caused hundreds of injuries across the Midwest last August, as people who said “it’s global warming!” and similar comments were punched in the face.

Authorities in several states said that residents who had made ignorant comments erroneously citing the brutally hot temperatures as proof of anthropogenic climate change, were reporting a sharp increase in injuries to the face and head regions.

In an emergency room in Toledo, Harland Dorrinson, forty-one, was waiting to be treated for bruising to the facial area after he made a crack about how the scorching temperatures meant that “man-made global warming is for realz, you guys!”

“I’d just finished saying it and boom, out of nowhere someone punched me in the face,” he said. “This heat wave is really dangerous.”

The meteorology professor Davis Logsdon from the University of Minnesota, issued a safety warning to residents of the states hammered by the historic high temperatures: “If you are living within the range of the heat wave and you have something idiotic to say about climate change, do not leave your house.”

Thank you, thank you very much… Funny stuff, eh? Are your sides aching?  I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress…


MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—The so-called polar vortex caused hundreds of injuries across the Midwest today, as people who said “so much for global warming” and similar comments were punched in the face.

Authorities in several states said that residents who had made ignorant comments erroneously citing the brutally cold temperatures as proof that climate change did not exist were reporting a sharp increase in injuries to the face and head regions.




Weasel Zippers: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Tries To Blame Record Cold Temps On Global Warming…

The Daily Caller: Rush Limbaugh: ‘Polar vortex’ fabricated by media to pin cold weather on global warming

John Hayward: Global warming and the polar vortex

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Monday Catch-Up: Obama’s Stale Act


John Hayward, The Conversation: Obama lectures other people on taking vacations from his luxury Hawaiian retreat:

Having destroyed the American health insurance industry, leaving thousands of people uncertain of whether they actually have valid health insurance or not, President Obama jetted off to a luxurious extended Christmas vacation in Hawaii.  You might think the “optics” couldn’t possibly be worse – Obama frolicking on the beach while surgeons are spending two hours on hold with the ObamaCare commissars to find out if they can proceed with operations.

But you would be wrong.  Because the Empty Chair actually scolded Republicans for taking a holiday vacation.

And he did it from his posh Hawaiian retreat.  Here’s the beginning of the President’s weekly radio address..

al Qaeda also retook parts of Iraq, reversing the hard-fought gains of the Bush era US military — while Obama was getting R & R in Hawaii.

I repled at the Conversation: Obama’s Tedious Act Has Grown Even Staler In The New Year:

Last month, as the president’s approval rating hovered below 40%, Peter Wehner, writing for Commentary, noted that “Obama’s tedious act has grown stale.”

He argued that Obama’s chronic whining, excuse-making and blame-shifting was not merely a tactic for Obama, but “how he’s been conditioned, how he views the world and his place in it.” But if it seemed, last month,  that the public had finally grown weary of the president’s obnoxious BS, his poll numbers, this month, have proven otherwise.

In Gallup’s latest polls, Obama’s approval numbers have rebounded back to the low forties. It would appear that the absolute cellar for this president is 38%.

People should be rioting in the streets after the massive fraud of ObamaCare was perpetrated on them by a president who repeatedly lied about what amounts to a stunning redistribution of wealth. But the only thing that has happened is his numbers ticked down temporarily, and now they’re back at their natural level in the low forties.


Three family members of the victims of the Benghazi terrorist attack and scores of conservative and military leaders are kicking off 2014 by demanding that House Speaker John Boehner install a select committee, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and security officers Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed during the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

In the letter to Boehner, which was delivered on early Monday afternoon and provided exclusively to Breitbart News, Sean Smith’s mother, Pat Smith, and uncle, Michael Ingmire, along with Tyrone Woods’ father, Charles Woods, joined the call for a select committee to investigate the Benghazi scandal. Other notable signers include former Rep. Allen West (R-FL), conservative leader Ginni Thomas of Liberty Consulting, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, retired Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, Freedom Center president David Horowitz, and scores of other military and conservative movement leaders.

“We write to express our grave concern over the failure of your House of Representatives to extract the truth from the Obama administration concerning the attack on our diplomatic and intelligence facilities in Benghazi, Libya; and, the brutal deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and security officers Ty Woods and Glen Doherty,” the coalition wrote to Boehner.

Eliana Johnson, NRO: Rachel’s Show:

Maddow herself is the highest-paid and highest-rated talent at MSNBC, but beyond her own program, her quest to fill the network with her protégés may be dragging down ratings. Being an intellectual and a true believer is not, it seems, a good thing if you’re in the ratings business. Though Maddow looks askance at populist showmen such as Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and Al Sharpton, their shows regularly outperform those of Maddow’s wonky acolytes. In fact, Hayes’s show has created a drag on Maddow’s own ratings as his anemic numbers provide her with a weak lead-in.


“If you debate for a living, you’re going to lose sometimes. Sometimes your preconceptions are wrong — that has never happened to her one time,” says a former colleague. “She is actually not that interested in reality; she is the most ideological person I’ve ever met. That is not somebody you want in charge of your programming, because she might put on a great show, but she cannot make rational decisions — her agenda is changing America. . . . She really thinks she is changing America for the better. You can’t have somebody like that in charge of your programming.”

Campus Reform: Colorado Democrat fires gay aide allegedly for visiting Republican office:

Tyler Drum, a 21-year-old homosexual aide to Democrat state Senator Irene Aguilar, was fired on the spot from his position in the Colorado Senate because he allegedly visited the office of a fellow college aide who happens to work for a Republican.

Drum, a 2013 graduate of Colorado State University, told Campus Reform that Aguilar did not explain why he had been fired.

“I thought this would happen on the Republican side, now I’m a disenchanted Democrat.”   Tweet This

“She just said leadership was uncomfortable with me befriending Republicans,” Drum said.

Drum took the aide position after completing Colorado State University’s capitol internship program, a class designed to teach students about the legislative process.

“Partisanship runs much deeper than I thought,” Drum said. “There is no real interest in compromise.”

Now unemployed, Tyler joins the over 12% of 20-24 year olds unable to find employment.

Dan Riehl: GOP Establishment War On The Reaganite Base Will Have No Winner:

During the course of this year’s Holiday season, the message that the GOP establishment has declared war on its own base was sent loudly from the pages of the New York Times, to the Wall Street Journal and National Journal, as well. In response, Jeffrey Lord addressed the topic very well here at AmSpec on January 2.

A critical problem I’d highlight is how the establishment looks down its nose at the base and believes it incapable of thinking smart, let alone learning. It’s true that in the past some GOP primary challengers emerged that may not have been ideal come general election time. However, that often had more to do with political savvy than politics, or political positioning.

Are we to believe that the establishment has never and still doesn’t put up sub par candidates through misjudgment, or simple human error? Of course they have, do and will again. In short, yes, if the Reaganite base is going to challenge a weak incumbent it hasn’t always done the best job rallying around the right candidate in the past and needs to improve its game. But at the same time, the establishment’s scorched earth attack on the so called Tea Party to protect, in many cases, weak and or unsatisfactory incumbents is every bit as flawed as a strategy. It also runs the very real risk of proving disastrous for the GOP at a time when it and America can least afford another political disaster.

Washington Free Beacon: Major Garrett Calls WH Out for Backing Away from Obamacare Enrollment Goals:

CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett questioned Carney on why the administration now contends the overall demographic mix of Obamacare enrollees is more important than the actual enrollment number. Garrett cited a number of administration officials including HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner who have repeatedly embraced the 7 million target.

Carney deflected, characterizing the administration’s goal of 7 million people as a “CBO figure” and not necessarily requisite for insurance markets to function properly.

Garrett followed up with a direct quote from Sebelius in which she unequivocally stated“I think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of March 2014.”

Katie Pavlich: Carney: We Can’t Tell You How Many Young People Have Signed Up for Obamacare:

Speaking to reporters from the White House Monday, Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked by ABC’s Jonathan Karl how many people between the ages of 18 and 35 have signed up for Obamacare.

“We don’t have the data to provide, we don’t have data that is ready to be released,” Carney said.”Demographic data is not available.”

The Obamacare exchanges launched on October 1, more than three months ago and this data is still “unavailable.”

Twitchy: ‘I didn’t agree to get her that’: Guess who’s helping pay for President Obama’s generous birthday gift for his wife:

But of course.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed today that one of President Obama’s birthday presents to his wife an extended, solo stay in Hawaii. In other words, taxpayers will be on the hook for a good portion of the president’s generous gift.

White House Dossier: Carney Beard Takes Washington by Storm:

It’s all over Twitter. It’s already been reported by Politico, the Washington Post, and the Daily News. The New York Times, so far, has turned up it’s nose.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has a beard. No Pajama Boy he. Hopefully he won’t get any spin stuck in it.

John Sexton, The Conversation: Now It Can Be Told: Obamacare Paves the Way for Single Payer:

The government takeover is here. It’s just not a one step process.

Six days into the full implementation of Obamacare the New Republic’s Noam Scheiber has some good news for progressives like Michael Moore who are dispirited by the Obamacare train-wreck. Obamacare still has one saving grace which is encapsulated in the piece’s headline: Obamacare “Paves the Way for Single Payer.”

In the heat of the political back-and-forth with Republicans bent on the program’s destruction, this whole Obamacare adventure can feel a little hopeless. But when you look at the big picture, the underlying political logic is clearly toward more generous, more comprehensive coverage over time. Once the previously uninsured start getting insurance, the natural upshot of cataloguing the law’s shortcomings isn’t to give them less insurance, as my colleague Alec MacGillis pointed out last fall. It’s to give them more. Republicans are in some sense playing into the trap Obamacare laid for them. And a few of them seem a bit concerned about it.

It wasn’t long ago when anyone describing Obamacare as a “trap” leading inexorably toward single payer would have been ridiculed as, well, a liar. Politifact certainly didn’t see any kind of trap being set when they made the claim that Obamacare was a “government takeover” their lie of the year in 2010.

The Quinton Report: RNC participating in the 2014 March for Life:

Ralph Z. Hallow of The Washington Times reports on the “unprecedented” move:

In an unprecedented show of opposition to abortion, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is delaying the start of the party’s annual winter meeting so he and other committee members can join the March for Life on the National Mall, The Washington Times has learned.

Mr. Preibus, a plain-spoken Greek Orthodox attorney from Wisconsin, will join members of his party’s national committee and thousands of other abortion opponents in the annual right-to-life march scheduled for Jan. 22.

“I saw that there was a real interest among a significant portion of our members to attend and support the Rally for Life,” Mr. Priebus said in an email to The Times. “This is a core principle of our party. It was natural for me to support our members and our principles.”

The Daily Caller: Obama’s DOJ civil rights nominee represented cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal:

President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Civil Rights Division led the group that represents convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Debo Adegbile, who awaits Senate confirmation to become assistant attorney general for civil rights in Eric Holder’s DOJ, would bring a radical record on racial issues to his new job, which is responsible for enforcing federal discrimination statutes.

Currently senior counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Adegbile worked for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF), a civil rights law firm independent of the NAACP, from 2001 to May 2013. He served as director of litigation under president John Payton when LDF took on Abu-Jamal’s case in 2011. In his role at the time, Adegbile “oversees the legal program and supervises the legal staff in the areas Criminal, and Economic Justice, Education, and Political Participation, while remaining actively engaged in litigation and advocacy.”

NY Daily News: Brooklyn man arrested, charged in five ‘knockout’ incidents against women:

Barry Baldwin, 35, was charged with five incidents in which Jewish women were viciously punched for no apparent reason — assaults some have tied to the infamous ‘knockout game.’

A Brooklyn man was busted for a string of assaults against women that some have connected to the infamous “knockout game,” authorities said Friday.

Barry Baldwin, 35, was charged with five incidents in which Jewish women were viciously punched for no apparent reason.

“Everyone will sleep a little easier,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who has been warning the community about the menace.

 Police picked up Baldwin last week, connected him to six incidents and charged him with six hate crimes because he targeted Jewish victims, sources said.

Politico Magazine: The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid:


When Roscoe Bartlett was in Congress, he latched onto a particularly apocalyptic issue, one almost no one else ever seemed to talk about: America’s dangerously vulnerable power grid. In speech after late-night speech on the House floor, Bartlett hectored the nearly empty chamber: If the United States doesn’t do something to protect the grid, and soon, a terrorist or an act of nature will put an end to life as we know it.

Bartlett loved to conjure doomsday visions: Think post-Sandy New York City without power—but spread over a much larger area for months at a time. He once recounted a conversation he claimed to have had with unnamed Russian officials about how they could take out the United States: They would “detonate a nuclear weapon high above your country,” he recalled them saying, “and shut down your power grid—and your communications—for six months or so.”

Bartlett never gained much traction with his scary talk of electromagnetic pulses and solar storms. More immediate concerns always seemed to preoccupy his colleagues, or perhaps Bartlett’s obsessions just sounded more like quackery than real science, even coming from a former Navy engineer who had worked on the space race. Whatever the reason, Congress’s failure to act is no longer Bartlett’s problem. The octogenarian Republican from western Maryland—more than once labeled “the oddest congressman”—found himself gerrymandered out of office a year ago and promptly decided to take action on the warnings others wouldn’t heed, retreating to a remote property in the mountains of West Virginia where he lives with no phone service, no connection to outside power and no municipal plumbing. Having failed to safeguard the power grid for the rest of the country, Bartlett has taken himself completely off the grid. He has finally done what he pleaded in vain for others to do: “to become,” as he put it in a 2009 documentary, “independent of the system.”

Watcher of Weasels: Forum:Whom Would You Least Like To See In A Presidential Matchup In 2016?

The Razor: Well the Democrat is easy: Hillary Clinton. I would have preferred her in 2008; in fact I hoped she would win the nomination because I was never a Clinton hater like so many on the Right. But after her stint as Secretary of State, and particularly after Benghazi and the “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE” breakdown in front of Congress, she’s not fit to be my county’s dog catcher.

On the GOP side it’s tougher. We’re still too far out to see who the main challengers are going to be, and in fairness no one stands out. I’m not much of a fan of Chris Christie given that I’m not a fan of his state nor of his anti-gun rights stances, but I suspect he’d put up a much better fight than Romney did in ‘12. Paul Ryan strikes me as another weak candidate at this point, as does Rand Paul. I hope to see one or the other grow, but I really feel that we need to find someone with management experience, and that means selecting a governor.

So I would probably select either Paul Ryan or Rand Paul as the GOP candidate I’d least like to see in the match-up, if only because Amateur Hour is over. We need experience.

PS: I personally know our dog catcher; he’s a nice guy with a tough job and people generally like him around here. If Hillary ran for his job she’d lose by a landslide.

The Glittering Eye: I don’t look forward to anyone running for president in 2016. I find the entire prospect terribly depressing.

Given that proviso it’s hard for me to give an answer to the forum’s question other than a flip one: I’d like to see any Republican who could beat Hillary Clinton run. I don’t much care who it is. I do not much want to see Hillary Clinton elected to the presidency. I’d like to see any Democrat who can beat her run. Or Libertarian. Heck, I’d even prefer a Green who could beat her.

Sunny Skyz: Noah’s Ark Has Been Found. Why Are They Keeping Us In The Dark?



I’m often amazed at our lack of knowledge about history. Ordinary people are hungry for this information, yet the organizations responsible to disseminate these facts seem to have an agenda to keep us in the dark. This is especially true when it comes to our ancient human history.

I won’t hold you in suspense with this article: The Ark of Noah has been found. It’s real. I’ll describe the evidence in some detail and end with the historical and religious implications.

How It Was Discovered

In 1959, Turkish army captain Llhan Durupinar discovered an unusual shape while examining aerial photographs of his country. The smooth shape, larger than a football field, stood out from the rough and rocky terrain at an altitude of 6,300 feet near the Turkish border with Iran.

My latest at The Conversation: 

USDA to Permanently Loosen Requirements for First Lady’s Unpopular School Lunch Program

House GOP Demanding Regular ObamaCare Updates

Obama To Hold Photo-Op With Americans Who Lost Unemployment Benefits

Obama Admin Urges Supreme Court To Reject Contraception Mandate Exemption For Catholic Nuns

Archbishop Lori Appeals To Congress To Lift HHS Mandate Fines Against Ministries

archbishop lori

It’s come to this.

An American Archbishop, in a last-ditch effort to stop the Regime from persecuting Christians,  called upon Congress in a Baltimore Sun oped, to pass legislation to protect faith-based non-profits – and do it now – before they’re financially  ruined by having to pay the onerous fines.

Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, the chairman of the religious liberty committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, declares, “the freedom of religion cannot be reduced to the freedom of worship.”

This resonates with the rich tradition of religious liberty in our country, which has long allowed Catholics and other people of faith to live out their beliefs beyond the sanctuary, whether by healing the sick, educating the young or feeding and clothing the poor.

But a mandate of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) now jeopardizes these important ministries — health care, education, and social services — by forcing them to participate in covering drugs and devices that violate Catholic teaching. The mandate was enforced against some ministries beginning January 1.

In order to protect their freedom to serve, many Catholic dioceses and their non-profit ministries took the difficult step of filing federal lawsuits in courts around the country. Most of those results have been encouraging.

Lori argues that  by burdening religious exercise with onerous fines, the mandate also harms those we serve, and in turn, the common good.

Almost certainly, the Supreme Court will find the mandate illegal. But in the meantime, the Archbishop  notes,  “the government can start enforcing the mandate now on those faith-based non-profits that haven’t gotten relief from the courts.”

He says, the time is now, “for Congress to act to at least delay, if not lift altogether, this onerous burden from our ministries.”

All this, so the Democrats can have their “War on Women” narrative for the 2014 elections. Pitiful.

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