Issa Explains Why He’s Against A Select Committee On Benghazi (Video)

Darrell Issa appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Monday,  to talk about Obama’s continuing scandals. The latest ATF scandal, which involves manufacturing crimes using mentally challenged individuals, he called “Fast and Furious revisited.”

Issa made clear that the ATF never acts alone, these are multi-agency operations.: “This is President Obama’s Dept of Justice that continues to support these rogue operations that lead to harm in communities,” Issa charged.

in response to the question of why a select committee has not been  been appointed, he noted that ” the IRS scandal is a good candidate for a Special Prosecutor.” But in the case of Select Committees, “the fact is, I have all the same powers and have used the same authorities as a Select Committee would use. This administration is slow.”

He argued that the Obama administration does the same type of stonewalling  to ALL the committees that have lawfully subpoenaed material.

“And I think that’s where we’re beginning to have some real headway, he continued. “An Obama appointee – a federal judge, has begun in fact going forward to order the administration to turn over the false statements and the information related to it in Fast and Furious. It may break loose – the whole idea that this administration cannot deliver us what we want, lie to us whenever they want to, and then slow roll any kind of discovery relating to information about false statements.”

Issa plans to pursue, the Fast and Furious, Benghazi and IRS scandals, in 2014, set to be his last year as Chairman of the Oversight and Reform Committee.


2 thoughts on “Issa Explains Why He’s Against A Select Committee On Benghazi (Video)

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