House Republicans Call For Probe Of DOJ’s Sham IRS Scandal Review (Video)

After eight months of a whole lotta nothing happening in the DOJ’s sham IRS investigation, House Republicans wants to see Holder’s investigators investigated.

Fox News reported:

Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Wednesday formally requested that the Justice Department’s inspector general launch his own probe into the department’s review of IRS activities. 

The request marks a serious escalation of their complaints about the department’s conduct and, specifically, a decision to have a President Obama backer lead the investigation.

“The Department has created the appearance that it is not taking seriously its responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation of IRS misconduct,” Issa and Jordan wrote in a letter to Inspector General Michael Horowitz.


In their letter, Issa and Jordan cited a litany of concerns, including recent claims from administration officials that criminal charges in the case are unlikely. But they centered on the decision to appoint Barbara Kay Bosserman to lead the FBI probe. Campaign finance records show Bosserman has given more than $6,000 to Obama’s two presidential campaigns.

“Publicly available information suggests that Ms. Bosserman may have a conflict of interest in this matter,” they wrote, also citing a Fox News report that she attended a bill-signing ceremony at the White House in 2009.

Separately, the lawmakers wrote to Labor Secretary Thomas Perez asking him about any possible involvement, given his prior position as Bosserman’s boss in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.

Oh – well! If Thomas Perez was involved, we’ll know for sure everything was on the up and up! /sarc

Last night, Sean Hannity talked to two of the IRS’s tea party victims, Becky Gerritson and Catherine Engelbrecht  and Congressman Jim Jordan..

American Center for Law & Justice Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow Appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, yesterday, to discuss the ongoing IRS scandal that the Regime is currently trying to sweep under the rug.

Via Gateway Pundit, Sekulow told Fox host Bill Hemmer that not one of his clients had ever been contacted by the FBI during what he called their “sham” investigation.

“None of our clients were ever interviewed by the FBI. So the reported crime that Eric Holder talked about that may have been committed, the victims of that crime were never interviewed… Some people are asking how the investigation is going. I don’t think it ever got off the ground. It took eight months before we had the first contact by an FBI agent. When we did have the contact they were already closing the file. I think it was a sham from the beginning. Eric Holder is closing a file before talking to a purported crime. I don’t know when that’s ever happened before in our history.

5 thoughts on “House Republicans Call For Probe Of DOJ’s Sham IRS Scandal Review (Video)

  1. I’ve see stories that say that 80% of the Conservative applications for tax exempt status were denied and only 20% of Liberal applications were denied. I’ve also seen that 95% and 5% are the statistics. Let’s give the IRS the benefit of the doubt BUT take the POLITICS of Conservative/Liberal and Insert RACE (I.e., Black and White. If the IRS denied 80% of Black applicants for tax exemptions while denying only 20% of the White applications for tax exemptions. Does anyone out there actually believe that the Obama Administration would say no discrimination had taken place?


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