Comments on proposed IRS rule targeting the Tea Party Overwhelmingly negative

And by “overwhelmingly negative”  I mean  0 1 positive out of 717 comments, thus far. Where are the  tea- party haters – the anti-Koch brothers paranoids spewing their hate? I see nothing but overwhelmingly intelligent, literate, well-reasoned comments.

Via The Conservative Examiner: 

The proposed rule, “Guidance for Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Organizations on Candidate-Related Political Activities” does not impact labor unions or the Chamber of Commerce, but does impact the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

It is out in the open that the IRS is targeting perceived political opponents, but this truth is frustratingly not being shouted from the rooftops by the mainstream media or the Republican establishment, who have been quite clear in their disdain for the Tea Party.

Speaking of the proposed rule, professor of law at the University of Tennessee Glenn Harlan Reynolds, wrote an article for USA Today yesterday saying in part,

“…the Obama administration is currently changing IRS rules to muzzle Tea Partiers.”

In fact, it is believed that this rule has been “reverse engineered” in such a way to specifically target common activities among Tea Party groups and recategorize them as “candidate-related political activity,” as reported by Kimberley A. Strassel of the Wall Street Journal.

Tea Party activities oftentimes include issue advocacy, candidate forums and voter registration drives, but Strassel reported that the rule would effectively

“…shut up hundreds of groups that pose a direct threat by restricting their ability to speak freely in an election season about spending or ObamaCare or jobs.” [emphasis added]

Not one of the 686 (out of 9,532) comments currently available for viewing is supportive of the measure.

It’s 717 comments, as of this writing, and before I could post, one anti-Koch brother moonbat appeared (probably via Instapundit’s link.) And true to form, the lib is a lofo with no idea what he/she is talking about.

More effective regulation of political activities by 501(c) groups is long overdue. People like the Koch brothers, and the groups they fund such as “Americans For Prosperity” have demonstrated how ineffective current regulations, and their enforcement, are in preventing 501(c) groups from being used to avoid taxes and to engage in obviously political activity.

Regulations and enforcement need to cover ANY politically- or financially-motivated activities such as Americans For Prosperity placing fake eviction notices on homes in Detroit, mailing “We know you didn’t vote” correspondence to people and threatening to tell their neighbors you didn’t vote, and making awards or special recognition to politicians who promote the group’s political agenda.

The Kochs, other plutocrats, and corporations should not be allowed to hide their political funding by funneling it through 501(c) groups. Consider requiring that all groups designated as nonprofit make available a complete disclosure of contributions and from whom they were received.

Why do these people never mention George Soros, or liberal groups like Media Matters and the Tides Foundation, I wonder?

The proposed regulations do not affect 501(c)(3) nonprofits, they “provide guidance under section 501(c)(4) relating to the measurement of an organization’s primarily activity and whether it is operated primarly for the promotion of social welfare, including guidance relating to political campaign intervention.” Via with gaffetastic misspelling of primarily.)

In one comment, the left-wing Bauman Foundation demanded public hearings on the rule. Interestingly, the rule would not apply to them as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, but they were concerned that the rule for 501(c)(4)s would confuse their donors.

As of July 2008,  the Internal Revenue Service Code described 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations as nonprofit organizations that were exempt from paying federal income tax.

501(c)(3) organizations are either a public charity, private foundation or private operating foundation with open membership whereas 501(c)(4) organizations are civic leagues or associations operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare or local associations of employees with limited membership.

When it comes to lobbying and political activity, 501(c)(3) organizations can appeal directly to legislative bodies and representatives and may support issue-based legislation. However, they must notify the IRS of their intent to lobby by filing form5768, which formally informs the federal government that one has elected to use the expenditure test to have the organization’s lobbying activity measured. Under this test, lobbying capacity is typically limited to spending less than 5 to 20% of the organizational budget on lobbying activities, depending on the size of your organization.

501(c)(4) organizations can engage in unlimited lobbying so long as it pertains to the organization’s mission. 501(c)(3) organizations are not permitted to engage in political activity, endorse or oppose political candidates, or donate money or time to political campaigns, but 501(c)(4) organizations can do all of the above.

The Obama IRS is changing the 501 (c) (4) rules so the IRS can continue targeting conservative, libertarian leaning groups legally.

Here is tea party atty Cleta Mitchell explaining the proposed IRS rule changes.

Good news: Rep. Dave Camp Introduces Bill to Block IRS 501(c)(4) Rules: 

The House Ways and Means Committee chair wants more time to investigate the agency’s targeting of conservative groups and to review potential rule changes.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) introduced legislation (H.R. 3865) last week to block the Internal Revenue Service from finalizing new restrictions on the political activities of 501(c)(4) social welfare groups.


Camp, who led an investigation into the IRS’s targeting of organizations seeking 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status, said that the investigation is still ongoing and that the committee needs more time to review documents they are still waiting to receive. His bill would delay implementation of the new rules for one year to allow the committee to complete the investigation and review public comments on the proposal.

“It is premature to publish new rules before getting all of the facts,” Camp said in a statement. “The administration’s proposed rules openly target groups that are exercising their First Amendment rights. We cannot allow these draft regulations to go into effect. Congress must make sure every American’s right to participate and engage in civic debate is protected, and this legislation will provide some much-needed assurance that IRS targeting and surveillance will not continue.”

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Hundreds Of Thousands Brave Snow Storm To Join 41st Annual March for Life in DC (Video)

March for Life

Picture via The Wire

Pro-lifers have been gathering in the National Mall in Washington every January for the past 40 years to march on the Supreme Court to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Although participants in the pro-life demonstration  have numbered in the hundreds of thousands for years, it usually gets little or no attention in the mainstream media.

The Christian Post reported:

Even though winter storm Janus has closed down federal government offices and cancelled more than 2,000 flights in the Northeast, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates are in Washington, D.C. for the 41st annual March for Life event on Wednesday.

Notable speakers at this year’s march include Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, and his adopted son, Ryan, and Molly Ann Dutton, who was elected as Auburn University’s 100th homecoming queen last fall and is using her inspirational story to advocate for adoption, which is the theme of this year’s event.

There will also be an expanded social media presence at the march on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and use of 360 degree cameras so that people watching online from home can see those who are walking in the march. There’s also a March for Life iPhone app, mobile phone text updates, and people can also share their photos and messages by using#WhyWeMarch and #MarchforLife.

Last year, it was estimated that 500,000 pro-life advocates demonstrated against abortion on the 40th anniversary of the Roe. vs. Wade decision. Even though Jeanne Monahan told The Christian Post on Friday that the park service no longer keeps track of those numbers, she does know that it takes hours for the last group of marchers to walk past the Supreme Court building, and estimates attendance numbers to be in the hundreds of thousands.

Video of the March via ChurchMilitantTV:

More video via Scripps Howard Foundation Wire:

Via The Conversation:

In honor of the 41st anniversary of Roe v Wade, Obama proudly proclaimed, “we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to protecting a woman’s access to safe, affordable health care and her constitutional right to privacy, including the right to reproductive freedom.  And we resolve to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, support maternal and child health, and continue to build safe and healthy communities for all our children. Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.” (Except for the pre-born!)

A fellow pro-abort agreed with the president on Twitter:

The president’s tweet commemorating the 41st anniversary of Ros v Wade:

And here’s the Pope’s more popular tweet:

At least 55 million abortions have been performed since 1973, the year it was legalized.


Weasel Zippers: DNC Bashes GOP For Postponing Winter Meeting So Members Can (Gasp!) Attend March For Life, Breathlessly Claims They’re “Rallying Against Women’s Rights”…

Note to the DNC: A new poll today found 62% of Americans believe abortion is “morally wrong.”

Washington (CNN) – The Republican National Committee will free up a couple of hours during its winter meeting this January so members can attend the annual March for Life in Washington, CNN confirmed Monday.

The rally, a major event in the anti-abortion rights movement, is scheduled for January 22, when the three-day RNC winter meeting is set to begin. The date also marks the 41st anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling, known as Roe v. Wade, in favor of abortion rights .

Twitchy: #MarchForLife: 15 heartbreaking and inspiring reasons #WhyWeMarch [pics]

AoSHQ: Obama: Roe v. Wade Permits all Women to “Fulfill Their Dreams”:

It’s instructive to note the shift from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama. Bill Clinton straddled the issue, rhetorically, by declaring that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” By adding the last word — really nothing more than a rhetorical fillip, because he opposed all restrictions — he at least attempted to signal to pro-life people that he understood the act of abortion did in fact have moral consequences.

Whether he did believe this I have no idea. But he did at least try to signal his understanding of, and concern about, the moral consequences of abortion.

His political posture was thus: If you’re pro-life, I am voting against you; I will use my power as President to advance the interests of your opponents and thwart your own; however, I will at least give you the courtesy of a rhetorical nod towards the plausibility and respectability of your position. I disagree with you, but I will grant you that your position is well-founded, even if it is one I do not favor.

Compare this to Barack Obama, who today proclaims abortion an unambiguous moral good, something that permits “everyone” to “have the same freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

Standard progressive boilerplate on abortion usually includes a flourish acknowledging, for example (and I’m fake-quoting this from memory, not any particular document), “supporting women as they wrestle with these difficult choices.

Well, apparently we’re wrestling with difficult choices no longer. Now it’s about freedom and the opportunity to pursue your dreams, Wendy Davis style.

He’s trying to pretend there’s a huge “consensus” that agrees with his position – like the left did with global warming. It’s a favorite rhetorical trick of Obama’s.


Video: Obama Admin Accused Of Filing Standard and Poor’s Lawsuit In Retaliation For 2011 US Credit Downgrade

When Holder’s politically weaponized Justice Department filed a $5 billion dollar fraud lawsuit against S&P a year ago, who didn’t think it was political retaliation for crossing Obama?  Now, according to claims made in their multi-billion dollar lawsuit, S&P  have removed all doubt.

Via Fox News Insider:

The financial services firm, Standard & Poor’s, threw down a stunning challenge in court claiming that former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner threatened the chairman of S&P’s parent company in a phone call that warned of consequences after the downgrade came.

It came just days after S&P angered the White House by downgrading the U.S. credit rating in the middle of the 2011 debt ceiling debate.

Harold McGraw III said, according to the sworn legal declaration, “[Geithner] said that, ‘you have done an enormous disservice to yourselves and to your country.’”

He went to attribute the following threats from Geithner, “S&P’s conduct would be ‘looked at very carefully’ he said. Such behavior could not occur, he said, without a response from the government.”

The Justice Department filed a $5 billion dollar fraud lawsuit about a year ago, accusing S&P of lying about the credit worthiness of complicated financial instruments in the run out to the 2008 financial crisis.

Megyn Kelly opened her show, last night, with the bombshell allegations. She had on Chief Counsel from the ACLJ, Jay Sekulow, and Chris Stirewalt of the Washington Examiner to talk about it.

Stirewalt noted that the man making the allegation, Harold McGraw III “ain’t Glenn Beck….. he’s not a conservative activist, not somebody who is known for his criticism of any political figures – or anyone at all. What he’s known for is being a white shoe, elite, New York, big business, Chamber of Commerce, gives money to Democrats and Republicans kind of guy. He’s not someone who you would ever expect to hear criticizing anyone in power from either party.”

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Black And White Edition


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